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Unlike the olden times, there are plenty of options under women’s panties these days that suit various requirements and occasions. Wearing the right panties is essential for maintaining health and hygiene. It is also important to use the proper panty size and it depends on two measurements: waist measurements and hip measurements. VStar has a wide collection of women’s panties including bikini panties, hipster panties, boy leg panties and shapewear panties. Buy women’s panties online on VStar to get good quality, comfortable underwear at the best prices.

Types of women’s panties available on our website

VStar provides the best in ladies’ underwear. From the most comfortable boy leg panty, to the body-hugging hipster panty to shapewear panties, name your favorite kind and you will find it here. Here are the various styles under panties we have:

Bikini Panties: As the name suggests, these primarily form part of the swimwear segment, but can also be used in your daily life if you prefer the bikini fit. Bikini panties at VStar are made of 100% super combed cotton and also in 96% soft cotton and 4% elastane stretchable fabric and leave no stretch marks when worn. They are slim on the sides and provide maximum back coverage. It is available in both prints and in solid colours

Boy Leg Panties: Boy leg panties are rectangular in shape and provide extra leg coverage. They are also called boyshorts and the ones on VStar make panty lines invisible. They go a little below your hip unlike the regular ladies’ underwear. They are made of 96% cotton and 4% elastane fabric and gives 4-way superior stretch.

Hipster Panties: Women’s hipster panties are a mix between bikini and boy leg panties. On VStar, you can buy hipster panties for women which provide more hip coverage and wide back coverage. Hipster panties are a good choice for women who prefer bikini style but for regular use. On VStar you can get hipster panties that are made of super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric and also in 100% cotton for extra comfort. It is available in both prints and in solid colours

Shapewear Panties: The high control low waist panties at VStar use seamless shaping technology that provides all-day comfort and contouring. It is made of lightweight fabric that fits like second skin on the body.