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Camisoles and Slip Tops


Camisoles and Slip Tops

Buy women’s slips and camisoles online at V Star!

Camisoles and slip tops are fashion essentials for the modern women’s wardrobe. Whether you wear it to bed or use it to style your outfits like your wrap dresses or tailored jackets. Women’s camisole is a versatile dressing option.

We have put together a wide collection of women’s slips and camisoles in a range of colors and styles to suit all your needs and solve all your wardrobe issues.

Different types of Camisole and Slip tops:

  • Short length camisole: V Star brings to you this exquisite short length camisole exclusively designed from 100% cotton. Comes in 2 types: wide and thin shoulder strap in 3 colors.
  • Medium length camisole: This medium length camisole comes with adjustable elastic spaghetti straps. It has a trendy cut -back shape to perfectly compliment stylish outerwear.
  • Extra length tank top with side slit: Slip into this semi-long slip designed to give your body more coverage. It has a special curved shape to enhance your femininity. It is good to be worn with salwar and dresses. This comprises of 100% cotton.
  • Slim fit camisole with additional strap: This beautiful camisole is designed for every season. It is crafted with cotton and stretch fabric. This slim fit camisole is a perfect choice to wear with a casual and formal outfit. In addition, it has adjustable straps with sliders to help you get the right fit as per your size.
  • Spaghetti strap camisole: This spaghetti top is styled to give a snug and flattering fit to your body. Make sure you get your spaghetti strap camisole today!M
  • Deep neck cotton camisole: Add some comfort to your everyday wardrobe with this tank top designed for all-purpose use. It is broader at the shoulders, providing the best fit and comfort for a long time. This comprises of 100% cotton.

Why to wear camisole and slip tops?

  • Keeps your body firm and provides proper shape.
  • Very comfortable
  • Help you cover private areas