Which type of inner vest is best for men -Blog

Which type of inner vest is best for men -Blog

Which type of inner vest is best for men?

It is time we paid as much attention and money towards buying innerwear as we did for outerwear! Innerwear plays an important role in making us feel comfortable and at peace. It also has a role to play in the way the outerwear fits our body and therefore how well we look wearing a particular outfit. There is so much literature and information available on women’s innerwear, but men’s innerwear deserves equal attention too. In this blog, we make that effort for your benefit.

A men’s vest is a piece of clothing with no sleeves. It comes from the French word, ‘Veste’ that translates to sports coat or jacket. A vest may be worn as casual innerwear under your shirt or as formal wear on top of your shirt and beneath your suit. But more often than not the term vest is reserved for the innerwear and the outerwear is referred to as a waistcoat. In India, usually, a vest is popularly known as a ‘Baniyan’. 

So, what are the benefits of wearing a vest? Check out the following points:

  1. A layer between the skin and outerwear: A men’s vest is a functional piece of innerwear and its important purpose is to prevent the outerwear from coming in direct contact with the skin. The benefits are two-pronged. One, that in case the fabric of the outerwear is rough or scratchy, the vest that is usually made of soft, skin-friendly fabric protects the skin from chafing and irritation. Secondly, the vest tends to absorb the sweat to keep the outerwear dry and stain-free.   
  2. Defined silhouette: A well-fitting vest can improve the form and fit of your outerwear. So, do a little research and choose the right vest for your body structure.
  3. Makes the outerwear less transparent: In case you are wearing a sheer shirt or top or something that is more see-through then, a vest comes in handy making it less transparent.
  4. Soft and breathable: As already discussed, a vest is made of cotton and other such natural and skin-friendly fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable through the day protecting your outer garment from stains and moisture.
  5. Prevents deodorant stains: A deodorant may keep you smelling nice and fresh, but deodorant stains are certainly not desirable. A vest underneath your outerwear can help you keep them at bay.
  6. Maintains the core body temperature better: In the case of cold climates, a suitable vest is an ideal piece of garment to keep you warm and cosy when the temperature outside drops. Plus, dressing up in layers is recommended to beat the chill effectively and comfortably.
  7. Keep the chest hair covered: Though not a norm, chest hair poking through your shirt or T-shirt is quite possible. When you have an additional layer of vest under your outerwear the possibility of such an embarrassing situation arising is cut down drastically.
  8. Use it as the only layer when required: While lounging around casually at home, working out in the gym or undertaking certain sports activities, a vest can be worn on its own. Its sleeveless construction allows freedom of movement and the soft, breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfy.

Hopefully, you are now enlightened and convinced about the utility of a vest in your regular wardrobe. Now let us move on to see and know the pointers you need to keep in mind when you decide to buy a vest online or in-store:

  1. Fabric: Choose the fabric of the innerwear depending on the purpose for which you intend to buy men’s inner vest online. You can choose from cotton, cotton linen, rayon and spandex for regular use to denim, rayon, silk and wool for special occasions or colder seasons.
  2. Sleeve length: Inner vests can be sleeveless, half sleeve, three fourths and even full sleeve. Choose the right one as per your comfort, utility and season.
  3. Length: Men’s vests online also come in varying lengths, again depending upon where and when they are intended to be used. Usually, gym vests are shorter as compared to regular ones that are meant to be tucked into your pants or trousers.  
  4. Neck style: From V-neck and U-neck to round neck and crewneck, there are plenty of neck styles for you to pick and choose from as per your mood and style.
  5. Strap style: From broad and thin to regular, go for the one that catches your fancy.
  6. Fit: Last but not the least, choose the fit of the vest carefully depending upon the outerwear you plan to pair it with. Remember the fit of the innerwear can make or break the look of the outerwear!

Finally let us look at the different types and styles of inner vests available for you depending on your need, style and comfort:

  1. Sleeveless vests: They are the most common and popular types of vests with a deep round neck design and regular straps worn under formal wear. 
  2. Squareneck vests: If you are trying for a manlier look, then go for vests with a square neck, broad shoulder straps and a contoured fit. 
  3. Muscle tees: It is quite similar to a t-shirt without sleeves that is popular with athletes for the freedom of arm and shoulder movement and the complimentary look it offers to the body muscles.
  4. Tank tops: They have bigger armholes and a relaxed fit for lounging around.
  5. T-shirt vests: They offer maximum coverage and also warmth to the body. A crewneck requires you to button up your shirt all the way up to the collar, while a V-neck lets you leave the top buttons of your shirt open.
  6. Long-sleeved vests: Perfect for cold climates, they have both absorbency as well as insulation features.
  7. Athletic vests: Made of microfiber, they are light, moisture-wicking and easy drying and usually come in dark colours with printed logos.
  8. Gym vests: Designed for comfort and mobility, they keep you cool and comfy while you sweat it out vigorously!
  9. Slimming vests: Also known as shapewear, they lend a slimming effect to the waistline and a toned look to the body for a fitter, smarter look.

With so much information, we are sure you’ll be able to buy men’s vests online with more confidence and project your own unique style anywhere, anytime!