Which Type of Bra is Good For Your Skin and Health | Vstar

Which Type of Bra is Good For Your Skin and Health | Vstar


Which Type of Bra is Good For Your Skin and Health?

Is there something called "Healthy Bra"? The answer is no. It is about finding the right bra for you. Millions of bras are being sold every year, but almost 80% of them are misfits. The thing most of us forget while we buy a bra online is that wearing the right fit bra is healthy and best for your skin.

Though fashion is important, don't forget the fact that bras are mainly made to support your bust. So support and comfort should be your priority before fashion when you buy ladies bras online. Let's take a glance at the things we need to know while choosing the correct bra.


Which bra is better?

There are no set standards to find a better bra. It depends on the requirements of each person. For that you should know why each bra is used because wearing the right size strapless is not good for workouts. Choose the ideal bra for your requirement.

  • Wearing full support and coverage bras for large, fuller breasts - These bras are recommended for daily wear if you have a large bust. With extra support, your breast will stay in its natural shape without any sagging.
  • Use of a sports bra - Wear a sports bra during exercise and other workouts as strenuous movements of the breast without proper support can cause discomfort and tenderness of breasts.
  • Using push up bras or racerback bras as regular wear is a good decision as they provide extra support to your bust.


Selection of fabric

Selection of bra fabric is as important as finding a bra of the right size. Always remember to use fabrics that are comfortable and breathable. Using fabrics of organic origin such as cotton and bamboo is considered the best option when you buy a bra and panty set online. This helps to reduce unwanted irritation and allergies to your skin.

Wearing synthetic bras for longer periods are not advised as they tend to cause excessive sweating resulting in skin rashes. Also, try to avoid wearing latex straps or nickel bearings as these tend to irritate sensitive skin.

Breathable fabrics such as cotton are good sweat absorbents and they tend to keep the breasts cool. It's unhealthy to wear sweaty bras - they are not just uncomfortable but also unhealthy as body toxins are eliminated through sweat.


Choosing the right size

Wearing the wrong size bras can turn out to be harmful to your body. While loose bras cause sagging of your breast, constricting bras are even more dangerous. Their construction helps proper blood and lymph drainage of the breasts which may become the predecessor of health problems such as breast cancer or Mondor's disease etc.

Always remember to get your size measured at least once a year before you buy a women’s bra online. The bra should be a snug fit without being too tight or loose. If the band leaves red marks on your skin, then your bra is tight.

You need a size shorter if your bra is sliding around. If it looks wrinkled, then it means your bra cup size is big. Make sure that the bust does not peep from the top or sides. In short, ensure that your bra is comfortable with ample support.


Reduce use of underwired bras

Many debates are going on about whether underwire causes breast cancer or not. Though there are resources that support both arguments, it is advisable to reduce the use of an underwire. A tight and cheap underwire is said to irritate skin or cause skin rashes.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause etc are body stages that cause hormonal changes which are capable of altering breast size. While pregnancy causes an increase in breast size, menopause causes the shrinking and sagging of breasts.

Breastfeeding has shown tendencies to either reduce or increase your breast size, so it is best if you choose bras made of stretchable fabrics for such body conditions and stages. This allows free and unrestricted movement of breast tissue and thereby ensuring proper lymphatic drainage of the breast tissue.


Body size

Always consider your bust size and body size before selecting bras. If you have a larger bust, then go for bras with wide straps and wider closures for regular comfortable wear. This helps to reduce strain to the neck, shoulders and spine. Studies have found that big busted women have more tendency to have mid backache or subluxation after menopause.

This can be brought down to a notch by wearing wider straps as they reduce the tension and strain brought to the body by uncomfortable or short strap bras. Though subluxation and back issues are uncommon in a small-sized person, you cannot rule out the possibility of this happening by wearing ill-fitted bras. So make sure you get the appropriate bra for your body size.


Sleep bra-less at night

Many studies have been made on the appropriate use of bra at night. And most of them came to the conclusion that it is ideal to go braless to bed as wearing a bra to bed can cause restrictions to lymphatic drainage of breast tissue which may result in breast cancer in future. So try to exclude a bra while you are off to bed, but if you are uncomfortable, then wear a loose fit comfortable one.

So, you cannot buy a ladies bra online that can be defined as a universally healthy bra. What’s important is to find the right size, fit and fabric that suits you the best.