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Which Type of Bra Is Best For Daily Use | Vstar


Which Type of Bra Is Best For Daily Use

Wearing the best type of bra every day is a matter of comfort and confidence. Given the number of e-commerce retailers available these days, one can buy ladies bras online or buy bra and panty sets in great variety and price range. But not all bras are created equal. Some are good for special occasions and some for daily use.

Let’s look at which type of bra is best for daily use. There can be no single definitive answer, because each woman is unique, and so are her requirements. So, here is the list of bra types which are generally best suited for daily use.

The T-Shirt Bra – For a simple and smooth look which doesn’t leave any hints of your innerwear like when you wear close-fitting t-shirts, tops and other clothes, a t-shirt bra is the one to go for. It is either seamless or has barely noticeable seams so that no externally visible marks or lines would be present when you’re dressed up. This also means they are very simple in terms of design – no-frills and fancy borders.

They come in a variety of fabric and styles and can be worn with a range of clothes. Some of these different styles are - padded, comfy, smooth, etc. Due to the t-shirt bra’s popularity, you will find it easy to buy women’s bra online in the variety you want.

Minimizer/Full covered Bra – Is your bust size larger than you prefer? If yes, you should go for the Minimizer bra. These come with full cups for support and are not padded. They work best when worn under looser clothes.

Minimizer Bras are engineered to provide good support to those with larger bust sizes. Their support allows even distribution of the breast and minimizes uneven bulges. 

The Balconette Bra – For those of you with bigger busts, wearing a lower-cut neckline can be a challenge with a full covered bra. That is where the Balconette or Balcony bra comes in. This type doesn’t cover as much area as a full-covered bra but gives your bust a more stylish rounded shape which looks good for a wide range of boob shapes and sizes.

Also known as the demi bra, this type has wide-set straps, which is why it’s ideal for wider and lower necklines.

The Bralette– If you’re looking for something that offers coverage rather than support, then the Bralette would be a good option. Usually, it is wire-free, unpadded and unlined. These work best for women with smaller bust size. They are very comfortable and are usually designed to look sexy with designer laces.

The Plunge Bra– As the name suggests, they are great to go with plunging necklines. These come with angled cups that provide good support with less coverage. This can be worn by women with medium to large bust sizes. With its angled, low-cut cups, supportive straps and thin overlay, you get an impressive-looking cut without any visible lines.

The wires in a plunge bra are shorter than normal. So it won’t cause you discomfort by poking on your breasts. If you find it uncomfortable to wear other underwire bras, you should give the plunge bra a try.

The Push-Up Bra - It is a padded bra which helps to lift your bust giving a rounded appearance. It has three levels of padding and no visible seam lines. The pads are at the bottom of the bra, angled to the sides such that it pushes the breast tissues inward, making your cleavage more prominent.

It can be worn with any outfits. With a large number of choices, you will be able to find a push-up bra ideal for your choice of dress. And as it boosts your cleavage, it gives a sexual appeal to you.

The Bandeau Bra - It is an easy-to-wear slip-on bra made of single stretchy fabric with no straps or clasps attached to it. Bandeau bras are usually made of nylon, elastane, or cotton. It is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It is a strapless bra which comes with small padding to avoid nippage. It has breathable elastic to provide support and falling off of the bra. It is an ideal choice of strapless bra for small or medium cup sizes.

The Sports Bra - Sports bra is the best choice of innerwear for sports and physical activities. It helps to reduce the pain and discomfort of the breast during physical exercise. Sports bras provide great support so that the breast movements are reduced. Also, it prevents sagging and injury of the breasts. These are slightly more tightly fit than other bras to provide maximum support.

The Strapless Bra - As the name suggests, these bras do not have straps. Support of any bra is provided by the band, straps are attached for extra support and for it to lie flat against your bust. Most strapless bras come with silicone elastic cups to provide support and to be held in place. Make sure you get the correct size or else strapless bras have a tendency to fall off.

Underwire Bra - These bras have a rigid semi wire rings at the bottom of the cups to provide additional support to the bust. It is ideal for women with larger busts as it prevents sagging of the breasts. It provides better lift to the bust making them look rounder. It avoids chaffing of skin beneath and between the breast.

Padded Bra - It is used to make your bust look bigger. It gives a tone and firmer shape to the breasts. Also, provide additional support to the breasts. An ideal choice for women with smaller bust or cup size. Padded bras come with different layers of pads made of water, gel or foam.

Maternity and Nursing Bra - These are specially designed bras for lactating women to provide additional support. It has flaps which allow breastfeeding without removing the bra. These are padded, to soak up the extra milk from leaky breasts. The nursing bra holds the breast shells in place, helps in healing the sore nipples.

These are the best types of bras for daily use. According to your body type, attire and purpose, you can choose the type which is most suitable for you at any given time. To buy women’s bra online is quite convenient these days. You can buy one and try it out before going for more.