Various reasons why every man should wear an undershirt | Vstar

Various reasons why every man should wear an undershirt | Vstar


The various reasons why every man should wear an undershirt


To wear undershirts or not is a question many men raise. It seems undershirts or vests are available in greater variety than ever before. One can buy a vest online in a few clicks. But, why should every man wear an undershirt?



Let’s first take a quick look at the history of undershirts


The origin of undershirts cannot be pinpointed to an exact date. But it can be said that undershirts or vests and other innerwear were initially designed to protect the body from the scratchy fabric materials of the outer garments and to avoid direct contact between the outer garment and the body.

Later on, undershirts began to be used for other reasons. It was found undershirts effectively absorb sweat and provide warmth to the body by acting as an insulating layer. Undershirts were mainly incorporated by soldiers as part of their uniforms, mainly for insulation purposes. It became handy when the soldiers had to work in the dirt. They could take off their uniforms and just work in their undershirts, which prevented their uniforms from being soiled.

 Undershirts were used frequently to beat the heat of the tropical climate. After World War II, this became a common practice. And thus undershirts began to grow in popularity.

Now that you understand the history, let’s move onto the most important question: “Why should every man wear an undershirt?”



Here are a few reasons as to why a man should wear an undershirt.



  • Absorption of sweat: The basic and most important purpose of using an undershirt nowadays is to absorb sweat. People are very conscious about their physical appearance and the way they present before others. Entering a hall full of people drenched in sweat can be embarrassing and a reason to be judged. Undershirt acts as a protective layer between your body and your expensive clothing. So if your body tends to sweat profusely, don’t forget to wear an undershirt.
  • Insulation: Long-sleeved, tight-knit undershirt is common to wear in cold countries. It helps to keep your body warm and cosy from the harsh cold of the winters, in short, it acts as an insulating layer.
  • Prevent deodorant staining: Using deodorants can cause yellow, aluminium stains on your dress, which is difficult to remove. By wearing an undershirt, you can protect your dress shirts from these stains.
  • Mask your body flaws: Undershirts help to mask your chest hair from poking through your shirts. It is awkward to see your chest hair poking through your light coloured shirts. A form-fitting undershirt helps to shape your body, hiding your nipples, man boobs, tires etc. to an extent, giving a smooth uniform appearance while wearing a shirt.
  • A fit form: A form fit undershirt compresses your figure, giving it a slimmer and fitted appearance.
  • An opaque layer beneath sheer clothing: Light dress shirts tend to expose the body hair to nipples, especially on a hot summer day. This can be prevented by wearing an undershirt as it acts as an opaque layer beneath the sheer and light clothing materials.
  • Comfortable clothing: Being fashionable is not always easy and simple as it looks. Many a time dress shirts and Kurtis may not be the most comfortable outfit with all those seams, buttons, or the stiff clothing fabric. It can be itchy and can irritate. Wearing an undershirt helps to escape these while wearing your favourite fashion.


It is clear from the above points that the use of undershirts or vests makes a man more presentable and stylish. All you need to do is choose the best undershirt for your purpose, whether it is a plain white short sleeve or a deep V-necked one.

One can buy men’s vest online in numerous styles and varieties. Enlisted below are the few most commonly used undershirts.

  • V-necks: These undershirts are usually used along with dress shirts, mostly by teenagers. The deep V-cut neckline allows one to leave the top two buttons open, which is considered cool and fashionable. It can be used with jackets as well.
  • Crew neck: The most commonly used undershirt. Ideal to be worn along with a tie. Otherwise, the hem of the V-line of the neck could be seen through the shirt. T-shirts are modified versions of crew neck undershirts.
  • Compressions: Undershirt which flattens your lumps and bumps. An excellent choice for people with man boobs.
  • Long sleeves: Usually worn during cold and rainy climates. Being mostly made of thick knitted wool, it acts as thermal wear, providing warmth to your body.
  • Tank tops: Tank tops are sleeveless undershirts mainly used to hide your nipples from showing. Its hemlines can be seen through the shirt. Also, they do not absorb sweat much, hence not an ideal choice.

It’s not just men, but one can buy boys vest online as well. The above pointers should help you decide for yourself as to which type of undershirt/vest suits you best.