Tips to Purchase High Quality Tshirts | Vstar

Tips to Purchase High Quality Tshirts | Vstar

Tips to Purchase High-Quality Tshirts


When we think of our go-to wardrobe look, the first attire that pops up into one’s mind is the classic t-shirt. It is the one thing that never goes out of style and can be worn and changed to one’s convenience. Even after a full day’s work in formal suits and blazers, by the end of the day, everybody prefers slipping into a comfy t-shirt and feeling rested in the familiar warmth.

T-shirts have become so versatile these days, one can overdress them and underdress them the same. Popular opinion is that a t-shirt can be the difference between no effort and effortless elegance. The advantage of a t-shirt is its abundance in the fashion world. Varying across all prices and brands, one might seem dazed with all the options presented to them.

Their availability across the market is vast. Buying t-shirts online has become an everyday trend with extravagant offers and sales offered by e-commerce platforms. T-shirt preferences change from person to person.  The quality preference for a t-shirt might differ from person to person. It can be based on thread count or on a brand. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one’s own comfort.

A common misconception that people have is that high-priced brands deliver better products, but then again, a misconception is what it is. Though brand value and high-cost act as factors in choosing the right t-shirt, they should be given the least preferences.

Statistically, men wear more t-shirts than women as they consider it a part of their daily outfit, and hence have a larger pool of options to buy from. Though finding the right t-shirt can be a tedious task, there are few things that can help you find the perfect one out there…

Read ahead to know more on the same.

  1. Fabric type and the fit of the t-shirt are two things that should come first on your list while buying t-shirts online and offline too. T-shirt fabrics are usually 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres, or, cotton and rayon. For thinner cheaper t-shirts a jersey material is used, for thicker t-shirts, a sweatshirt jersey is used; for more drapey and costly t-shirts an interlock fabric is used and cotton spandex is also used for stretchy ones. High-quality T-shirts start with 100% high quality, pre-shrunk cotton. There will be no shrinkage or itchiness after washing. Organic cotton is a healthier option that yields a better-quality fabric. On the other hand, inorganic cotton is often softened with chemicals and treated with pesticides that find their way into the clothing and onto your skin. Size and fit are important to some more than others. When it comes to buying men’s t-shirts online with their different necks and type of cuts and fits. Make sure to measure each time, at least when it comes to different brands as they have varying sizes.
  2. T-shirts can be worn for any occasion and so it is important to invest in the right t-shirt for you. For sports, you need t-shirts that will disperse perspiration and dry quickly. A 100% Polyester with these properties is used for Football Jersey t-shirts. At home, you will be more comfortable in a t-shirt made of natural fibres than the jerseys. For winter outings you need a long-sleeved t-shirt or even one with a hoodie. You may even layer more than one t-shirt. Though the price may vary from brand to brand, it is important to stick with the one you are comfortable with, brand-wise and price-wise.
  3. Fabric quality is a must-have thought while buying t-shirts. The construction, thread count, piling, and fading of colour, comes under fabric quality. We have all had our very own t-shirt stories with how they became an XXL after one wash, or how the neckline starts to curl right from the first wash. These problems occur due to poor fabric quality. The knitting should be relaxed, round in shape and not overstretched. Also, if it is unevenly knit this may be a sign of poor fabric construction which may lead to small holes here and there around the t-shirt.

-          Another problem is overstretching on particular areas like the neckline, armscye etc. Quality t-shirts will have a stay tape around the neckline that will prevent it from shrinkage. Shrinkage and overstretching depend on the fabric construction in the first place but can be prevented to an extent if you take some precautions when you care for the clothes.

-          If a t-shirt is not sewn properly it will end in a poor fit, and hang down your body and distort your figure and shape altogether. Sewing construction and care labels are also to be acknowledged while buying the right t-shirt for you.

Not all t-shirts are created equal, and so it is imperative to find out the best fit, especially when you are spending money on it. It is known to all that longer length fibres and those which are woven tight are the ones that last long. But the true quality is associated with the density and softness of the material, not its weight or thickness. So always trust a cotton fabric that is soft and firm at the same time as opposed to a heavy and thick one.

The experience of buying clothes as a whole has undergone a humongous change over the years. People prefer shopping online, sitting within the confines of one's home, especially since the pandemic has made it an ongoing trend. VStar’s online store gives you just that, the comfort of your home and a wide range of fits and colours to choose from. To sum it all up, it is important to look carefully into the specific details which will tell you how well done and high-quality the finished products are in terms of durability, colours, vibrance, image quality and breathability. Though these specifications play a key role in finding the best suite for you, to an extent it also depends on how you use it after buying the product. Damaging the print and colour of your clothes can be avoided if one takes proper care of the finished garment. This in turn results in lasting durability too, which is exactly what people what at the end of the day.