Tips for Choosing the Right Shapewear for the Perfect Look

Tips for Choosing the Right Shapewear for the Perfect Look

Over time, shapewears have brought about some mixed feelings and reviews from the lovely lady clan. Some women feel it’s elaborate to get dressed with shapewear whereas others have praised the product to be a miraculous and magical aid to give a little oomph around the curves and notch up your confidence. What if we told that the squeezing and suffocating discomfort that you might have experienced is because of the shapewear you’ve chosen is either the wrong size or not compatible with your body type? This is the simple truth, just like no two bodies are alike, not every piece of shapewear for women is intended for every body type.

Typically, a shapewear for women is designed to hold you in and accentuate your figure, a good shapewear will support you without compromising on comfort. Whatever your specific need maybe, from enhancing your waist to smoothening out your stomach to lifting your bust, there’s no shortage for the different types of shapewear available in the market. Now, this poses a problem; shapewear has gotten so popular that it now comes in a seemingly endless array of styles and fabrics. How do you decide what’s best for your body type and your outfit choices? Scoot down for some quick tips which will help you find the right shapewear to make you feel comfortable and confident.

To start with ask yourself the following six questions:

1 What part of your body do you want to boost?

Full Body: Some women have hang-ups in more than one area. If you’re looking for an over-all sleek physique, a full-body shapewear is your best bet. It’s more like a bodysuit and gives you complete comfort and support.

Torso: If you want to smoothen out that extra little fluff around your belly, waist or back, a shaping cami would be the one for you.

Bottom: Have some extra muscle-fat that you’d like to flatten or a flat rear that could use a boost? You have all kinds of options from butt-lifting biker shorts to smoothening panties to help you enhance your thighs, legs and butt.

2 What kind of outcome are you looking for based on control/compression?

Light Control: Light control shapewear can be worn under your clothes to smoothen out any tiny bulges. It is an excellent option to be worn under everyday outfits.

Firm Control: Firm control shapewear made out of super stretchy and soft fabrics will move with your body while adding subtle contours to your shape.

Extra-Firm Control: Extra-firm control shapewear pieces are an excellent choice for those who want to look breathtakingly perfect for a special occasion such as weddings or cocktail parties.

3 What type of shapewear suits your body-type the best?

Rectangle Body-shape: Ladies with a rectangular-build body-type worry that they don’t look “super feminine” or that their rear looks a “little too flat”. Contrary to popular beliefs, several clothes are designed for that build. If you want to add to a curvy look, go for a shapewear which helps you achieve that extra curve and enhances your long lean legs.

Hourglass Body-shape: Are you one of those lucky ladies who’s hips and shoulders are of the same width, and a naturally contoured waist? You belong to the much-coveted hourglass build! All you need the shapewear for is to slightly smoothen your sides and jiggles, apart from that you’ve got it covered!

Apple Body-shape: If you’ve got ample bust and full midsection with narrow shoulders and hips, you’re an apple body-shaped person. Your body-type may tend to carry a little extra weight in your belly and if that keep you from finding clothes that fit, get your hands on a shapewear which provides your waistline with some brilliant definition.

Pear Body-shape: Most of the women with small bust, slim shoulders and a well-defined waist and full hips and thighs and a well-rounded bottom tends to have a pear-shaped build. This lot usually worries about their bottom half and a shapewear which refines the belly area, hips, rear and sculpts your thighs and legs is your best pick.

4 How to determine your size?

If you have a pre-set belief that the smaller the size of the shapewear, the slimmer you’ll look, you are absolutely wrong. The wrong size will not only form unseemly bulges but also create great discomfort. The best possible solution is to refer to a size guide while buying shapewear online or seeking the in-store help. Please note that you’ll have to take new measurements each time you purchase a shapewear, because even the slightest changes can make a huge difference. The three most crucial points you need to measure are your bust, waist and hips. Once you’ve got your measurements ready, seek the help of fit tools or size guide if you’re buying shapewear online.

5 What fabric to choose?

Again, it is important for you to consider the outcome you’re looking for while choosing the shapewear fabric. Keep in mind, the higher the nylon content, the more it will alter your shape. If you need to smoothen a few lines and bulges here and there rather than a complete figure transformation, a light weight shaper meant for medium constriction would be your best bet. Dense pieces with higher nylon content comes with more compression that tucks your body into shape. It would be wise to choose a shapewear made of cotton blends and microfibers during the summers as it provides better breathability. The regular and the most popular shapewears made of spandex and nylon, which restricts the body to breath and increases perspiration.

6 How to pick the color?

It can be slightly overwhelming to see shapewears in an array of vibrant and attractive colors. But keep in mind that you wear the shapewear underneath you outfit so it would be wise to always go for nude or skin colors as they work the best.

Ask yourself these 6 questions the next time you buy a shapewear to get your hands on the right shapewear for the perfect look. But most importantly, remember that bodies come in beautiful varieties and wearing a shapewear is definitely not about transforming your body into something it cannot be, but celebrating and enhancing the natural potential of your body.