Tips for choosing the best leggings

Tips for choosing the best leggings

Leggings are one of the most comfortable and most used outfits in the last few years. Not only are they comfortable, they are also very versatile. Leggings are worn with ethnic kurtas, t-shirts, long and short tops. On VStar, you can find a variety of leggings in different colours, interesting prints and styles. Here are a few essential tips to know before buying leggings online:

Choose the right length

The length of your leggings can be chosen based on a number of factors: the top wear you are pairing it with, your body type and what season are wearing it in. If you are wearing it to a very casual occasion like a catch-up with friends or so, you can go for the slim fitted capri leggings (shorter length). On the other hand, if you are going to college or office you can for the slim fitted ankle-length leggings and pair it with a nice ethnic kurta. As for the body type and height, women who are tall can go for the capri leggings and the shorter women can go for the full-length leggings. Women with a pear shaped body should go for darker colours in leggings so that they look slimmer.

Choose the right type

You can not only find various new colours trending in leggings but also beautiful prints and patterns. It’s time to break away from the usual black and white coloured leggings and go for vibrant colours like bright red, blue and the like. You can buy coloured leggings online on VStar. You can also check out leggings with amazing prints on VStar. Check them out here:

Choose the right material

Leggings are body hugging outfits and hence if they are not made with the right material, it can make you feel very uncomfortable. You can choose from a variety of fabrics including cotton, spandex, synthetic and more. Based on the occasion and use, you can choose a suitable material.