Things to Know When Buying Tights for the First Time - Vstar

Things to Know When Buying Tights for the First Time - Vstar


Things to Know When Buying Tights for the First Time

Buying tights for the first time can become an ordeal if you’re not sure about what to look for and how to find the best pair that suits you. If you want to buy women tights online, we hope this blog will be helpful for you. We’ve put together all the information that you’ll need when you buy tights online. 


Do we need tights?

The first question you’ll probably have before you go shopping for tights is whether you need to buy tights. Hosiery is a must-have if you live in a place that experiences cold weather. You can then wear your favourite skirts, dresses and shorts without worrying about the cold as the hosiery will help keep your legs warm.


Understanding denier

If you explore tights online, you will find that they are described in terms of denier. What’s a denier? It’s a term that refers to the thickness, opacity, and strength of the tights. It also tells you how warm the tights will be to wear. A pair of tights with a higher denier or DEN (D) will be thick and opaque. Lower denier values mean that the tights are sheerer.

Tights with denier values of 40 or higher are thick, opaque, and warmer. Sheer tights have denier values of less than 40. These tights are great for wear all around the year.


Learn about the different styles of tights

Now that you’ve decided that tights are great to have in your wardrobe, check out the different styles to find one that suits you best or the ones that you love the best.


Opaque tights

These tights have higher denier values. They are opaque, which means that the skin will not be visible. Also, opaque tights are sturdy and don’t easily snag or rip. Get a pair of black opaque tights that match all kinds of outfits. If you love playing with colours, get opaque tights in a rainbow of colours to match your outfits.


Sheer tights

These low denier tights are sheer and allow the skin to be seen. They are breathable, so you won’t be all sweaty wearing these tights for hours at a stretch. However, the catch is that these sheer tights are prone to snags, rips, and tears. So, you need to be very careful while wearing them. But then they look great and will beautifully sculpt your legs! So, that’s okay.


Coloured tights

Show off your unique style with coloured tights. Sheer or semi-sheer tights in burgundy, plum or other interesting shades are a great way to add colour to your outfit. Convert a simple day dress into an eye-popping outfit by pairing it with a pair of tights in a contrasting colour.


Patterned tights

These tights are designed with small or large geometric or floral patterns. Give your usual outfit a subtle twist by teaming it with a pair of patterned tights.


Back seam tights

The back seam of the tights is designed in a beautiful pattern that grabs attention. The common back seam patterns are zig-zag lines or a row of hearts.


Knitted tights

These tights are made of cotton or wool and are of high denier. Keep your toes from getting numb and painful because of the cold with a pair of knitted tights. 


Seamless tights

It’s not that these tights are without seams. They do have seams, but below the toes where they won’t be visible. These tights don’t have seams in the brief area. So, if you love wearing figure-hugging clothes, get a few pairs of seamless tights.

These are the most common styles of tights available online and in stores. When you’re buying for the first time, get a pair of opaque tights and a pair of sheer tights. Try both the pairs so you’ll get a feel of what feels comfortable and what you feel comfortable with. Then you can try the different styles of tights as you experiment with your look.


Selecting the right size

We’ve now got a general idea of the styles of tights to check out, let’s focus on the most important thing to keep in mind when you buy tights online - the size. Tights are generally available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Some brands may label the sizes from A to D. There may be brands that proclaim that it has one size tights that fit all. It may not be correct, so preferably go for a size based on your height and weight.

When you’re browsing tights online, check the size chart. The chart will have a breakup of size in terms of height and weight, which you can use to determine your right size. Also, check the measurements given on the webpage and calculate if the tights will fit you correctly. If you find your size between the two sizes offered by the brand, go for the larger size.


What colour tights to choose?

When you’re buying tights for the first time, go for black ones, whether opaque or sheer. Black tights are a good choice as this colour goes well with all outfit colours and styles. The next time you go shopping for tights, check out different colours and patterns as you’ll have a better idea of what will look good on you.


Caring for tights

You need to take proper care of the tights to get the best value for your money. Never wash the tights in a washing machine. Always hand wash them. Don’t even rub the tights on any surface, just between the palms of your hands. Remove jewellery and accessories that could snag into the tights when you’re wearing them. If you have long nails, be very careful when you’re putting on sheer tights as your nails may snag into the fabric and cause tears or rips.

So, now that you have a good idea about the different styles of tights, the material, and the sizes, go ahead and buy women tights online. Happy shopping!