The Most Comfortable Underwear for Men

The Most Comfortable Underwear for Men

Underwear – a basic piece of clothing, but how many of you have been endlessly searching to find that one particular underwear style which fits right and most importantly gives the utmost comfort and support? As it is the most concealed garment worn, most men usually don’t dedicate too much time thinking about such things. However, an uncomfortable pair of underwear can instantly break your outfit and ruin your entire day. Either it is too tight for your body type or too loose and provides zero support. Did you know that a comfortable pair of undies that fits well can give you a boost in confidence as well? You read that right.

Finding that perfect and snug pair of underwear is super easy when you know your body type. For example, if you’re a man who prefers to wear skinny denims on a daily basis, trunks or boxer shorts would not be your ideal bet as they tend to bunch up under the garment. Similarly, if you’re a man with slightly thicker and larger thighs, a pair of briefs may offer you better comfort than any other underwear styles.

Scroll down and read along to understand the different underwear styles which suits each body type, offering you absolute comfort. Now you wouldn’t have to fret much while buying men’s underwear online or at the stores.

1. Boxer-shorts: Underwear for men with a large body frame/fit and muscular

One of the most popular underwear styles among men, the boxer shorts are ideal for those with larger body frames or for the ones who’re slightly on the muscular side. Boxer shorts are designed for comfort and freedom of movement. They offer great breathability and offers complete coverage than the other underwear styles. However, if you’re looking for support, then you shouldn’t be considering this option. They’re the most comfortable style for large body types but at the same time, men who wear suit trousers or skinny jeans would find the boxer shorts a bit too much, as it may bunch up.

2. Trunks: Underwear for men with a slim body frame/thin/fit/wide-hipped

Men with small and slender body frames can ideally try the trunks. They are usually preferred because of their snug fit, Y-shape pattern in the front and most importantly because it can be worn under any outfits. Trunks are one step above the classic boxer briefs in term of fit. The waistband brings emphasis to a smaller waist and could be uncomfortable if you naturally carry weight around your waist. Trunks also have a fitted upper thigh feature, which can work to enhance smaller legs, making them appear longer. 

3. Briefs: Underwear for men with an average body build

The widely popular style of men’s underwear, briefs have gone through many a makeover over the years. They’re an ideal choice for men with an average body frame. Without providing much of an excessively baggy look, briefs provide considerable coverage. The three-point support design offers great deal of comfort and support for movement. Briefs feature a large waistband that sits around the hips, and men with larger frames may find it uncomfortable as they might cause rub marks on the skin due to restriction across the stomach area. Briefs can be worn under any kinds of outfits, from pants to denims.

4. Boxer Briefs: Underwear for men with any-body type

Boxer briefs provide the ultimate support. They do so while providing enough room for breathability and freedom of movement and they offer the same coverage as boxers minus the bagginess.  With great coverage, up to areas around the thighs and, this style doesn’t seem too tight, too loose or exposed, which is exactly why these are the most versatile men’s underwear styles among the lot. Boxer Briefs can be worn under your work clothes to gym outfit, as protection and support are factors you can totally count on from this style. If you have a slightly bulky stomach, it would be ideal to wear a boxer brief as it tends to accentuate the area around your stomach, creating an undesirable muffin-top look.

The endless debate over Boxers vs Briefs?

Boxers are suitable for men who prefer more freedom of movement and longer length. Just like regular shorts in appearance, boxers make the lower body look slightly bigger than usual with the loose fit. Boxers would be your best bet if you have slimmer legs. However, wearing a pair of boxer shorts to a workout session is not possible, as it wouldn’t provide you with the protection and support. During such scenarios, you’d need a pair of well-supportive briefs. Providing a snug fit and offering ample amount of comfort and support, briefs can be a great option.

It goes without saying that you should always choose the right size and style of men’s underwear. Now you know the different types of body build and the most comfortable underwear style for each, from briefs to trunks. You’ve got the answer to which is better and why – Boxers or Briefs, and most importantly you’ve understood how to choose underwear styles depending on your body type and the nature of its features/functions. Quality matter even for your every-day underwear. High-quality men’s undies allow you to start each day with a boost of confidence.

Just keep one primary thing in mind while buying men’s underwear; COMFORT is the key. Simultaneously, it goes without saying that before you make a purchase, make sure that you’re well-aware of your body type and shape. Because even if it for a few hours, having on the wrong style of underwear could make your day super uncomfortable and irritable.

To quickly sum it up, boxers are great for lounging around, boxer briefs are for men who cannot compromise on the comfort of boxers and the support provided by briefs. As for trunks, they’re basically the best alternative to briefs.