The Difference Between Hipster vs Bikini Underwear - Vstar

The Difference Between Hipster vs Bikini Underwear - Vstar

The Difference Between Hipster vs Bikini Underwear

Have you ever felt that finding the right innerwear is even more difficult than picking out a dress? You’re not alone. There are scores of women who are stumped by the wide variety of women’s panties available online and in stores. Check out the panties collection, and you will come across styles such as hipsters, bikinis, thongs, and lots more. While they all may look almost similar, there are various differences between the different types of underwear. In this blog, we will elaborate on the differences between hipster and bikini underwear.

When you buy women's panties online, we suggest you get both hipsters and bikinis. We’ll tell you why as we move along this blog. But first, we will give you more details about these two popular types of women’s panties.


Bikini Panties

Bikini panties have high side cuts and sit exactly on your hips. Because of the high cut on the sides, the band that goes around your hips is thin. Also, the gusset or the front part of the bikini is small. On the whole, a bikini is designed to cover just the essentials. So, if you love to flaunt, bikinis are an ideal choice.


Hipster Panties

When compared to bikini panties, hipsters are slightly conservative. They are generally designed to sit a little above your hip. Also, the side cuts are shallow and wide. The gusset is also wide in a hipster. On the whole, a hipster offers more coverage.

Hipsters are available in low rise, midrise, and high rise designs. The term ‘rise’ here refers to where the waistband of the underwear sits. A mid-rise hipster sits right on the waist. A high rise sits a little higher on your hips. You also get high rise contouring hipsters that help hide the bulges to give a sleek profile. A low rise sits low on the hips and may offer a peek of the butt cheeks.


Differences between bikini panties and hipster panties

Now that we’ve got a general idea of bikinis and hipsters, let’s compare their style and construction to find the basic differences between them. Keep these points in mind when you’re browsing e-stores to buy a woman panty.

Bikini Panties

Hipster Panties

Sit below the hips

Sit above the hips

Have high side cuts

Have low side cuts

Have narrow sides

Have broad sides

Have narrow gusset

Have wide gusset

Offer less coverage

Offer more coverage


Coordinating panties with the outfits

So, now you have both hipsters and bikini panties. Let’s look more into detail about which kind of panty will be best under what kind of outfit.


Bikini Panties

We also call them cheeky panties, because they’re fun and revealing! When you’re dressing up for an intimate occasion, bikinis are definitely a great choice of underwear. You can wear these panties undershorts and low-rise bottoms. This type of underwear also goes well with gowns and sexy dresses. Bikinis are perfect for A-shaped or square-shaped butts. Do an online search to find out what kind of butt you have.



You can wear hipsters under high-rise denim and trousers. If you love wearing figure-hugging outfits, then hipsters are a great choice for layering underneath. Seamless hipsters will not leave any panty lines. Wear the slightly conservative hipsters when you’re wearing a short skirt or a day dress, especially on a windy day. So, even if the wind lifts your skirts, you don’t need to worry. Hipsters are ideal for heart-shaped and round-shaped butts.


So, which one to go for?

Like we said earlier, when you buy women’s panties online, check out both hipsters and bikinis. It’ll really be a good idea to have both these popular types of underwear in your wardrobe. Choose the type of panty based on the type of outfit you’re going to wear and what you’re planning to be doing. We spoke about the outfits earlier in this blog.

Regarding the activity, if you’re going to be dancing, clubbing, partying, or spending time with your special someone, go for bikinis. On the other hand, if you’re going to be doing some kind of physical activity, like cycling or walking, hipsters will be a more comfortable choice. Also, if you’re going to be riding a bike or sitting pillion, hipsters will be a better option as they offer more coverage.


What to look for while buying hipsters or bikinis?

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the fabric. The material can make conservative underwear look and feel sexy. For example, a hipster with lace details can look tantalizing! You get the best of comfort and sensuality with this minor detail. Cotton and cotton blend fabrics are a great choice for all-day-wear underwear. For special occasions, you can go for silk or modal panties.

The next thing is the size. Yes, panties that are too tight or too loose are definitely going to be uncomfortable, no matter what style they are. The waistband should sit right without digging into your skin. Also, they shouldn’t be so loose that they keep rolling down. The seams of the panties shouldn’t dig into the crease of your thighs. Some women may find it painful when the elastic digs into the skin. In such cases, go for underwear in which the elastic is covered by the fabric.

Colours and patterns are the next things that you need to keep in mind when you buy a panty online. Stock up on panties in plain colours in dark shades for regular use and bright shades for those special occasions. Choosing the prints and patterns is totally your personal choice. They’re a great way to reveal your inner woman to your intimate partner!

In short,

Go for hipsters, if you prefer more coverage and are wearing high-waist or snug clothes.

Choose bikinis, if you love to flaunt and are wearing sexy and revealing outfits.