The Best Shapewear for Every Outfit

The Best Shapewear for Every Outfit

If you’re reading this, then you must be familiar with the miracles of the magical shapewear! We’re all blessed with some lovely natural curves and most women have a misconception that shapewear for women conceals your natural curves, but instead what it actually does is, provide a slimming seamless line, enhancing your natural shape by adding a slight contour to look smooth under outfits, eliminating any panty lines or bulges. If you’re using or want to use a shapewear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong about it, as wearing a shapewear doesn’t mean you don’t love your natural, beautiful, body it’s completely okay to sometimes want a little extra help looking streamlined and put-together under different outfits.

The choice of undergarments has the power to break or make a look. Among the different varieties of undergarments, shapewear today, has become the must-have foundation pieces for every outfit.  With the plethora of shapewear options available, there’s one which suits each body-type, and distinct outfits. Many fashion experts claim that the key to finding and choosing the right shapewear depends entirely on your wardrobe. Shapewear keeps the control panels and seams in just the right position. Always remember to get the right fit by using fit guides while buying shapewear online or seek in-store help. Different shapewear styles offer various levels of control for specific problem areas to create a smooth finish under your outfits.

From plunging halter-neck Bodysuits to a simple pair of tights, each shapewear does absolute wonders to your outfit and your mood! Read on to grab some tips for pairing your outfit with the perfect Shapewear to flatter your body and accentuate all the right places.

A pair of Skinny Jeans and Top

When in doubt, throw on a pair of denims is something we all do. But rocking skinny denim can be a little tricky when the muffin top pops out. The recommended shapewear for handling muffin-top spill-overs is a high-waist, tummy-tucking thong briefs and a shaping camisole. Since the denim is a thick material, the need for an extra compression shapewear can be ruled out. Instead, a light compression shapewear will do the trick just right and provide you with comfort and freedom of movement. The shaping camisoles help smooth out the bra strap and bra cup linings, concurrently concealing those lumps and bumps which make you feel less-excited or nervous.

Maxi and Body-Con Dresses

Be it a curve-hugging maxi dress or a terrific LBD, a body-suit shapewear would be a great option to wear underneath these outfits. Rather than having on two different pieces of shapewear, a one-piece body-suit creates a streamlined shape from top to bottom. Depending on your body type and the specific silhouette of your outfit, you can pick a body-suit style from the plentiful options available. For example, if you’re wearing a low-cut body-con dress, and you’d want to wear your preferred bra, opt for a shapewear body-suit with tummy control with open bust design, which focuses on the upper half of the body and cuts just below your rear.


An attire like saree brings out the natural shape of an individual and wearing an appropriate shapewear can not only smoothen the fall of the saree fabric but compress the certain areas, providing a toned and cinched appearance. The most popular saree shapewear comes in the shape of a long skirt that has no side slits. The material hugs to your body, creating a seamless chaff-free look without causing any discomfort. The Shapewear offers targeted compression to the waist, hips, thighs and butt. Ideal all-day wear with which you can flaunt your classic saree silhouette in style.

Strapless tops and dresses

Finding the perfect bra to wear under a strapless ensemble can be slightly exhausting. You wouldn’t want to keep pulling it up and worrying the strapless bra slipping down every now and then. A strapless, body-suit that will stay in place all day long, can be of help with such outfit choices. This shapewear is designed to provide the support you need when you choose to go strapless. Additionally, the shapewear enhances the appearance of a toned waist and tummy.

Work Wear

Comfort and ease of movement need to be the primary points you must consider while picking out shapewear to wear underneath your work clothes. A pair of high-waist shorts or tummy control briefs shape your thighs, hips and your butt with some extra emphasis on your tummy area. These shapewears are widely available in various styles from light to everyday support to the firmest control. They are perfect to wear all day long and can look great under trousers, pant-suits, and pencil skirts.

Evening Gown and Wedding Dresses

A long seamless shapewear is an incredible option for a full-length gown or wedding dress. The smooth, high waist shaping Capri legging offers control over your tummy, waist and back, leaving you an option to wear any bra of your choice. The shapewear mimics an enviable hourglass-like figure, by keeping everything neatly nipped-in.

A-line and Fit-and-Flare

An A-line or fit-and-flare dresses or skirts are super flattering and this silhouette usually requires minimal shaping. A pair of low-rise shorts or tights can be your best bet as they are super lightweight and seamless, smoothening out the bulges and slightly cinching your lower-body without much constriction. You can count them as a layering bottom that can be worn under skirts or dresses and is perfect to be worn every day.

Whether you’re headed out to work, to a party or just for a coffee date, a simple shapewear can help you notch up your outfit and your body-shape, allowing you to carry yourself in style. The bottom line is, you shouldn’t be sceptical about wearing a shapewear. It really helps achieve specific looks and could increase your confidence if it’s something you’re interested in trying! Thus, it is important for all us to invest in a shapewear collection to ensure we have the perfect piece for every outfits and occasion.