Style tips on what to wear with Leggings

Style tips on what to wear with Leggings

Leggings have become our go-to work-from-home attire for the past few months. Paired with literally anything, from a classic white shirt to a formal puff-sleeve meeting appropriate blouse, they go with everything. And, it looks like they’ll continue to lead the way for the foreseeable future.

Hands down, a pair of leggings is the most comfortable piece of clothing and undeniably, a wardrobe staple for the majority of us. Women’s leggings have gone through multiple evolutions in the past, they’ve been adapted, updated and transformed into an essential garment and clearly, a classic pair of leggings are here to stay.

Comfort is the key. It's not just because of the pandemic and our yearning for absolute comfort that leggings are widely popular now. Breathable, stretchy leggings have actually been a part of our daily wardrobe, long before the global pandemic hit. If paired right, this simple piece of garment can add elegance, sophistication and most importantly comfort!

Styling a pair of leggings is an art and the secret to getting it right isn’t rocket science, it’s just about getting those proportions right.

So, if you have been hesitant to try leggings, criticized for not wearing it right, or want to update your style game up by a notch, read along to find out different ways you can style a pair of leggings and a few tips to keep in mind while buying leggings for women.

Here’s a general list of DO’s and DON’Ts when it comes to wearing leggings. These tips are meant to help you decide on what types of leggings to wear, and how to wear them, so you look your best!

  • DO get the right size/well-fitted leggings.
  • DO stick to solid and dark coloured leggings.
  • DO wear the right innerwear beneath the leggings.
  • DO try on some layering to balance the look.
  • DO make sure that they’re comfortable.
  • DON’T wear a faded pair of leggings.
  • DON’T wear leggings that are loose or stretched out.
  • DON’T wear leggings with cuts, loose seams or holes.
  • DON’T wear leggings that are super thin or see-through
  • DON’T pair up leggings with a tight top


The best kinds of shirts you can pair up with leggings are the button-down, long ones. They cover your thighs and bottom, making your outfit light, elegant and presentable. Such pair-ups can create greater balance between form-fitting leggings and a lightweight shirt. Since black coloured leggings are the most popular choice, add a bit of tint, patterns or prints to your entire look with the shirt.

Look out for long shirts made of silk, polyester or rayon fabrics in paisley, floral or stripes to make your outfit look fun and trendy.

Kurtis and salwar tops

This is the most common and the easiest pair up we do with leggings. Most women have been ditching salwar and chudi bottom for a pair of leggings as they offer the utmost comfort and freedom of movement. While buying leggings, women tend to pick them in assorted colours to pair with different Kurtis or salwar tops. Please remember to not to wear a skin coloured leggings under a top or kurta or pair up a short top with leggings, as these might be outfit breakers.

Long and baggy sweaters

Similar to wearing leggings with a long shirt, you can try the same with a long sweater or a poncho. This is one of the cosiest and best combinations. Pair up your black leggings with a sombre coloured, patterned, or printed cardigan, the bulk of the sweater offsets the tightness of the leggings. You can play around with coloured T-shirts under the sweater to brighten up your outfit. This outfit can be an ideal airport look, as it offers you comfort and style.

Short Dresses

Instead of designated tunics, you can pair up your leggings with a short dress. An asymmetrical, layered or draped dress will be the best options to make a real statement. If there’s a short dress which you’ve pushed to the far end of your wardrobe because you don’t feel confident about its length, it could be time to get it out and put it together with leggings.


A solid black, high-quality, thick legging can act as a substitute to skinny pants and can be appropriately paired with the right blazer or formal long shirt to work it right. Adding a pair of smart pumps and a nice silk scarf can further refine your look. You can always play around with belts, choice of accessories and footwear to keep your work looking classy, elegant and interesting.

Shopping for Women’s Leggings

When you’re shopping for leggings, make sure to buy women’s leggings that are made of thick, quality material, and you don’t want anything that is see-through or flimsy. If you get leggings that are thin, you run the risk of feeling unsupported and that may make you feel under-confident and uncomfortable.

Good quality leggings might cost you a little more than the usual ones, but see it as an investment which you can wear for various occasions throughout the year. At-least have about two pairs of well-fitted black leggings in your wardrobe as this is essential these days.

Additionally, make sure that they are well-fitted and comfortable. Always remember to use a fit guide or a size chart when buying leggings' online or consult an in-store professional. Leggings come in different lengths, and the most popular and chic choice would be the ankle-length which goes with almost anything from dresses to shirts to coats – you name it!

This quick guide on how to pair up your leggings must have answered many of your questions about what to wear with leggings. As far as leggings are concerned, they are a blessing in disguise – a single fashion solution for when you’re in doubt. You are now armed and ready to put together great and different looks with these style tips.