Simple Secrets of Looking Great in a T-shirt

Simple Secrets of Looking Great in a T-shirt

The T-shirt, starting off strictly as an innerwear this piece of garment has evolved through the years in its position among fashionistas and working-class with equal ease. Every man’s wardrobe must have a few staple styles that are easy to wear and are fuss-free and t-shirts have been one such default that has stuck to wardrobes regardless of the gender through generations. Although usually taken as an item of casual clothing, the secret to pulling off a t-shirt is way more intricate. T-shirts have long been the humble savior for multiple occasions, locations, and company. The versatility is also a big up when it comes to dressing down to basics or upping your game with added oomph for a more sophisticated occasion.

The fact that t-shirts being a singular item of clothing can outlast trends, can be viewed as a valued commodity that can be bought in bulk or less frequently but never losing the value over time. They are the perfect go-to decision when it comes to a moment of confused agony over deciding what to wear. It can be seen as a cake which is the main highlight of the whole outfit and does not need any particular sides to add to it. There are five secrets that count when it comes to looking fabulous and more than a guy next door in a t-shirt.


Five primary aspects that count are fit, colour, fabric, style, and function

Fit for Fab

The fit of the t-shirt emotes a lot about the person who is wearing it. A baggy loose t-shirt gives the impression to be laid back and someone who does not pay attention to the fit of an outfit or apparel, While on the other hand, an extremely tight skin fit t-shirt gives the intention to be more of faulting one’s physique. A well-fitting t-shirt reaches halfway to your upper arm to high light you and biceps and your triceps, fit well on the shoulders with a tapered cut that narrows down to the body. This gives the appearance of a v-shaped body generally associated with being fit. Apart from this, some universal rules are - classic t-shirts should remain on top of one’s hip, the t-shirt shouldn’t restrict movement and the shoulder seams should be in line with where the shoulder ends.

Colour me perfect

Neutral t-shirts are often referred to as basics that go well with almost every existing look and can be added with layers to elevate the look. Such colors include white, black, grey, and navy. They go well with all complexion and can be easily paired up with indigo jeans for a classic look. Among this one can choose one’s favorite depending on the colour that goes well with them. Other colored t-shirt included various shades and tints apart from the mentioned basics. Usually selecting the different hues one thumb rule should be followed, that is selecting according to one’s skin tone. Fair skin people can opt for darker hues that make the colours stand out and should avoid lighter shades that make them look pale. Medium skin tones can opt for either end of the spectrum but should avoid shades that are too close to one’s skin tone. Darker skin tones can also make the most out of their complexion by opting for shades that pop while avoiding dark browns that make them look naked.

Facades of fabric

Ideally, the fabric of t-shirts should be light and breathable, therefore hundred percent of cotton is the most preferable fabric when it comes to t-shirts. The material is light, breathable, and has a good flow which makes it the best option for tropical climates. Cotton blends to are also a good option. They are easy to maintain and come at a lower price point. Other options include jersey fabric made from synthetic fabrics or made fabrics like polyester or rayon which wrinkle less and are not breathable.

Select your style

Looking at a t-shirt the first attention to detail in terms of design is the neck. It can either be a crew neck that is suitable with men with a smaller chest or drooping shoulders, this helps by adding greater dimension to the shoulders making the body look proportional. V-necks are usually preferred by people who are shorter to create the illusion of a long neck thus the illusion of height. As much as deep V-neck or scooped neck tees are concerned they be steered cleared off if one is unsure or uncomfortable to pull it off. Another trick is to tuck in the t-shirt for a more casual or formal look. In case of a crew neck t-shirt, the half stuck gives a laid back and casual approach while in case of a polo neck t-shirt paired with formal trousers gives a more official approach.

Functional fashion

In terms of functionality, t-shirts are incredibly versatile, they can be dressed up by pairing them with a blazer for a sophisticated look while you can pair jeans with boots for a casual approach. T-shirts can be worn to dates, beaches, meetings, outings, and parties with equal ease and elan. T-shirts are great apparel if worn properly, they can come in various fits and sizes that help. Experimenting with one’s style gives the best result to discover what suits one the most and helps one stay fashionable even during trend changes. Maintaining one’s t-shirts with proper care while washing and drying them is very important as it won’t have the same look and impact if its heydays are long gone. Follow the washing instructions exactly as given by the manufacturer and your t-shirt will take care of your style for a long time. E-commerce sites have come out with great options off late that can be paired with almost any mood, any time and any occasion. VStar’s hundred percent cotton t-shirts are high-quality, long-lasting, and breathable while also being trendy, hip, and cool. Choose from a wide range of colours, fit and style from VStar’s (website link) and enjoy comfort and fashion like never before.