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Most Popular men's underwear styles | Vstar


Most Popular men's underwear styles


When it comes to styling, underwear plays an important role not only in terms of comfort but also in terms of the look of the outfit. Underwear being an essential part of any outfit is an absolute must no matter what the location or the occasion. Men’s styling rarely takes up the account of the “male underwear” as seriously as the other items of clothing. However, the sheer variety, functionality and choices push its need beyond the mere purpose of it being an item of clothing. Over the years it has gained shape and popularity as a key piece that not only maintains comfort and hygiene but also makes a fashion statement that is reflective of the person’s personality. We bet you are wearing underwear now as you read this article. That’s how essential the men’s innerwear is deemed in today's society. Your choice of underwear is partly reflective of your style preferences and majorly reflective of your bias towards comfort or rather the lack of it. Among today’s popular styles in men's innerwear, the boxers have gained key prominence as a more comfortable choice while boxers or briefs are seen as the modern-day conservative man’s favourite style of underwear.  In addition to the much talked about aspect of choices and preferences, there is indeed the one "right" underwear made just for your body type that elevates the look, provides greater comfort and makes sure your style goes beyond what can be seen. As we dive into the fascinating world of underwears let us take a peek into their history, functionality, design and look, to form a comprehensive guide to what might suit your body and preference the best.


To understand the importance of any item as a part of human civilization it is necessary to trace back its history to the times where it became essential and to gain a perspective of the transformation that has gone through over the years based on needs and biases to become what it is in the modern-day. In the recorded history of underwear, loincloth marks to be the first item of clothing resembling underwear. It became popular because of the protection and the ease of maintaining it. The modern-day men’s underwear saw its birth around the 1930s with no leg section and Y-shape overlapping fly. These were sold under the pretext of providing masculine support. By 1970s underwear started getting advertised as a fashion item with high-end fashion brands promoting it at premium prices and as an item that influences one’s sex appeal. In this period of transformation, durability lost its essence as underwear became a part of the trends. With the passage of time comfort, durability and style gained prominence and preference to give rise to the birth of today’s underwear. It was a fusion of sophisticated design, premium quality and chart-topping trends. The primary reason why men’s innerwear has survived through the years is because of its brilliance in terms of providing comfort and maintaining hygiene. It impacts all the minor activities of the human body. Be it sitting walking or lazing around the right underwear can make all the difference. To buy poor quality underwear would mean compromising on the basic day-to-day activities on the minute level. Apart from absorbing bodily fluids and sweats from the crotch area, underwears keep the trousers clean and provide adequate support to the genitals avoiding spillage and coverage throughout the day. The better the brand of the underwear less is the friction between the fabric and your skin that prevents chafing and also maintains a decent temperature for your body.


There are 5 universal types of underwear available in the market today 


Trunks - Providing complete coverage and adequate support, these reach the thigh. They go great with pants that have a higher waistline. Trunks are usually worn for workouts.

Briefs - These are the most common type of underwear and can be paired with any outfit. Briefs work well for people who have love handles or have a heavier upper half.

Boxers - Boxers are versatile in terms of usage and styling. They are popularly worn as lounge pants and are available in different fabric materials and quirky prints. They are meant to be worn with long pants that go beyond the thigh.

Tights - Tights are meant for heavy workouts and in activities that require intense movement. As the name suggests, they are tight-fitting and cling to the skin providing agility.

Thongs - Although not a staple on most shopping lists, thongs are counted under the universal category. They are to be worn for waisted pants and underclothes made out of thin material.

Sizing is a key factor that determines the fit of the underwear and should not be compromised with. Accuracy in terms of sizing lets the feel of the underwear be better. One should be aware that the material should not be itchy and should not ride up. While shopping for underwear can be a tricky affair, the right assistance and knowledge can help get you your desired look and feel in a matter of minutes. Online shopping can be hailed as the best option to lay your hands on the trendiest designs and best quality products. With VStar's wide range of boys’ and men's innerwear, choosing high comfort and premium quality items is just a click away. The best way to know what works for you is to be aware of the various options available. E-commerce sites like VStar tailor and curate the most innovative and trendiest pieces that help you discover products according to your preference. The website has an easy user interface and door-step delivery for convenient shopping. The next time to need to shop the holy-grail of wardrobe essentials, the best catalogue is just a click away.