Men Underwear trends for comfort and fit

Men Underwear trends for comfort and fit

Men’s underwear has for long been considered to not have variety or style, but focussed only on comfort. As common as this thought might be, it might be even more common to come across people who don’t know the difference between a boxer and a brief. One can go as far as to say that the closest acquaintance towards men’s underwear in pop culture has been the peace flag in Tom and Jerry and the more recent star-studded Calvin Klein ads. But while the former is animated the latter is to a certain extend unaffordable. So what does the daily man get as underwear while shopping online or offline? We are certain it’s not just a pair of white trunks and if it is, you might want to read ahead to learn about the various styles and designs available in the market and online. Men’s underwear fulfills multiple purposes. While a lot of brands have been innovative in the recent past, it takes a true underwear connoisseur and fashion enthusiast to navigate through the various styles to find the one that suits them.

Comfort, fit, style, fabric, and durability all contribute towards the making of good underwear for men. While remarkable progress has been made in this field, if you don’t know your basics it might become difficult for you to navigate while buying men’s underwear online. The basics here include knowledge of the different types of men’s underwear and the styles that are compatible with the look.

It is important to know your trunks from briefs and navigate your way through any shop or e-commerce site like a pro. When looking to understand the basics of underwear, start from the priority - hygiene. A primary reason why one wears underwear is to maintain bodily hygiene. You're therefore looking for the following qualities to be the first and foremost on your list regardless of the price or the type: 

  1. Absorption of body fluids and sweat to avoid odour and itching 
  2. Soft and comfortable enough to let your skin breathe and prevent rashes 
  3. Flexible and frictionless to allow easy movement 
  4. Thick enough to keep your trousers clean 
  5. The material should let the body breathe and shouldn't heat up your skin

After laying the foundations, one can move on to the next set of pre-requisites to be looked at before buying underwear, either online or in the store. Size plays a key role in establishing how you feel from the inside. It is especially important when you intend to buy underwear onlineWhile there's no universal size for undergarments as it varies across the brands, it's always a good idea to have an accurate measurement that'll help you understand size charts better. To measure, just use a measuring tape around your waist without holding your breath in.

If your underwear digs into your skin, rides up, irritates the skin or slips lower than intended, it's the cue to change sizes. Once you've conquered the start, it's time to turn to a more fashion-conscious and personal decision - the style and the design of the underwear. To get headfirst into the whole aspect, it's important to understand the common ones available universally, whether you're shopping outdoors or are spoilt for choice while buying men's underwear online.

  1. Trunks - Also known as boxer briefs, provide adequate support and full coverage. They are ideal if you are comfortable with mid-rise or high-rise pants. They usually come with a longer length that reaches the thighs. These are recommended for mild workouts and casual sports.
  2. Briefs - A must-have in your wardrobe, they are what people majorly understand as underwear today. These are comfortable and can be paired with almost any outfit. High rises are recommended for people who wish to appear discreet about their love handles and need a flatter appearance of their stomach.
  3. Boxers - These are the most versatile of the lot and can be spotted quite often doubling up as loungewear. They come in various materials ranging from linen to viscose and cotton. They also come in various fit and lengths and can be worn with pajamas or full pants. They are big on comfort and a huge variety can be found while shopping online for underwears.
  4. Tights - These are made out of elasticated fabric and cling to your skin, aiding flexibility of movement and prevent muscle tear. These are worn both by men and women during hard-core athletics and intense physical activity as they prevent skin chaffing and wicks the sweat away from the skin.

While these are the most prominent varieties available, there are other styles like thongs that are also present in the market for men’s underwear.

Once you’ve mastered the basic pointers, it is easy to segregate these according to your body type and desired fit and choose the ones that suit you the best. Boxers usually are suitable for men who are fit. Briefs, on the other hand, are the antithesis of boxers and are suitable for men with thin legs. Trunks look better on men with wide hip due to their thigh coverage and elasticated appearance.

Choosing underwear at the end of the day is a personal choice and should be selected according to what makes you feel the most comfortable. If they are fulfilling the primary purpose of hygiene and support, you should feel free to experiment with various styles and designs available online and in stores. It is all about confidence and what makes you feel the best version of yourself.

Being a conscious shopper of undergarments should not only pertain to women but to men as well. To maximize one’s options and preferences, exploring the options available online is a good idea. The easiest way to discover innovative and trending style is to go through e-commerce websites which are usually deposited with a multitude of choices. Vstar is one such brand that lives by high comfort, premium quality and versatility as a part of its catering motto for its consumers. With well-defined sections both in stores and while buying underwear online, it easy to sort through the various styles available to find your perfect fit.