How to Choose the Right Size Bra and Style - Vstar

How to Choose the Right Size Bra and Style - Vstar


How to choose the right size bra and style

First things first! Bra, short for brassiere, is a form-fitting piece of undergarment designed to cover and support the breasts. You may think of a bra as an innerwear that is hidden by your outerwear, and therefore doesn’t require as much attention. But let us make it crystal clear that getting the right bra is more important than getting the perfect outfit. The simple reason is that the way a bra fits and styles can make or break the entire look of your outerwear.

Further, a bra that fits well, besides making you look and feel good, also makes you feel healthy and keeps you in the best form. An ill-fitting bra may result in back pain, skin irritation and keep you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. So, hope that brings out the importance of finding the right bra for yourself! The bra you wear should be of the right size as well as the right style that not only complements the outerwear but gives you the necessary support and comfort as well.


Choosing a bra of the right size

The first step towards the right bra is to measure and find your right size. A professional, also known as a bra expert, can do a great job. But you can even safely measure yourself using a measuring tape within the confines of your private room. There are two aspects of bra size, one the chest size or the band size and the other the cup size.

Follow the steps to find your right bra size:

  1. To get the band size, you need to measure your chest from under the breasts. Keep the measuring tape straight at the front and back and tighten it to get the right band size as a bra is made of stretchy material.
  2. Now, measure your cup size by measuring the full portion of your breasts at the nipple level.
  3. Subtract the under-bust size from the bust size to get the number and correspond it to the respective letter in the alphabet.
  4. Combine the bust size and the letter to get the bra size that best suits you.

For example, if your bust measures 35 inches and under-bust measures 32 inches, your bra size is 32C.

Now that you are armed with your right bra size, just be aware that it is not set in stone. In other words, bra size is something that keeps changing throughout your life as you grow from a girl into a woman, put on or lose weight, go through pregnancy and other hormonal changes. Bra size also changes from style to style, brand to brand and even at different times of the month. Keep that in mind every time you decide to buy a bra online or in-store.


Choosing a bra of the right style

Keep the following pointers in mind while choosing the bra style of your choice:

  1. Try on: Do not shy away from trying on a variety of bra styles to see how they fit. Unless you wear and experience the bra for yourself, you can’t judge its suitability for your body type.
  2. The band: The band of the bra is the one that offers the maximum support. So when you try on the bra, see to it that the band lies flat against your back and parallel to the floor, which ensures that the bra is your perfect match. In case the band hitches to a side or lifts up the back, the bra is either of the wrong size or style and it’s meant to be given up.
  3. The gore: It is the centrepiece of fabric between the cups and is meant to lay flat against the sternum to anchor the bra. It is referred to as tacking. If the gore floats off the body or moves around, the bra will not be able to offer the right kind of support. So, unless the bra you choose is a wire-free bra, in which case it will not have a gore that tacks, you must ensure that the gore tacks well to get your ideal match.
  4. Right-fitting underwire: The underwire is meant to fully enclose the breast. If it rests on top of the breasts or digs into the sides, you have gotten the wrong size or style and you better give up on it!
  5. Experiment: Get out of your comfort zone and try out a completely new style to see how it shapes and supports your breasts. Most importantly have fun along the way rather than getting stressed out about it. You may be surprised to find a style that offers better shape and comfort than your tried and tested one.
  6. No one-style-fits-all: Last but not the least, be aware that different outfits demand different bra styles to bring out the charm and look of the outfit in its full glory. So, it is a good idea to stock up on a variety of bra styles to complement your wardrobe.  


The variety of bra styles for you!

Before we end this blog, let us give you a sneak peek into the world of bra styles, so you can buy women’s bras online with more confidence. Though there are a host of different styles of bra available, we give you the most popular ones at a glance for your benefit:

  • Seamless bra: For a smooth finish under body-hugging clothes.
  • T-shirt bra: For a smooth, subtle and natural look.
  • Multi-way bra: It can change from strapless to racerback and halter to crisscross for your outfits with unusual necklines.
  • Softcup or wireless bra: For those days when you just want to relax and lounge around.
  • Underwire bra: When you want some lift.
  • Push-up bra: When you are looking for some extra volume.
  • Strapless bra: For deep plunging necklines.
  • Sports bra: For support during active workouts or sports.
  • Nursing bra: Buy women’s nursing bra online for new nursing mothers.