How to choose the right lingerie for every outfit

How to choose the right lingerie for every outfit

Lingerie is the ultimate passion of every woman which makes her look stunning inside and out. When it comes to lingerie, we think a lot before choosing one. The choice of lingerie plays a crucial role in your overall look.

Many times we don’t wear a certain outfit as we don’t have the right bra to wear it with. So, while choosing for lingerie, imagine how it will fit your body, what clothes it will go with and for what occasions you can wear them. Each style of bra in the women’s core wardrobe of lingerie is slightly different, because the designs are meant to work under varying types of tops. Choose the lingerie that is comfortable, lively and soft.

Some of us have already mastered in picking the right pair of lingerie, knowing our exact size and grabbing it without trying on. But few of us always undergo lots of trials to find the correct one.

No worries, we got your back! Let’s look at the V Star wide collection and choose the right lingerie that every woman should have.

T-Shirt Bra

V Star collection of T-shirt bra are well designed for full chest coverage and wire-free comfort. They are comfortable for all-day wear and are ideal for wearing under T-shirts, and shirts.

Luxury Bras

V Star Precious Purple collection presents, a set of super premium range of bras, crafted in ultra-soft premium fabrics for exquisite luxury.

Traditional- Elite Bra

V Star range of traditional elite bras looks best with sarees and traditional wear. These are also called saree bras for this reason. These bras are made using soft, cotton breathable fabric and make for a comfortable fit.


Everyday Bra

V Star has a range of everyday bras that can be worn under both traditional and modern outfits. They provide excellent cup fit and come in round-stitched, cross over styles and more.


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