How to choose the right bra with good comfort

How to choose the right bra with good comfort

Bras come in all shapes, sizes and designs and sometimes it might be a herculean task to figure out which one to choose. A well-fitting bra does more than just lending an improved appearance. It touches upon aspects of posture, back pain and possible skin irritation. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to choose the right size and the right fit for you. Approximately 75% of women wear the wrong size due to ignorance. As challenging as the task to find the right bra for your body might seem, it all pays off in the long run.

With the potential to make or break any outfit, a good bra is an absolutely essential investment, rather than a regular piece of garment. Be it t-shirts, shirts, dresses - every outfit has the right bra to pair it with. To get deeper into this, the material and the colour of your undergarment play an equally important a role as the size and fit because they accentuate the appearance of the apparel they are paired with. It is always a good idea to explore what questions to have answers to when you want to buy ladies’ bra online.

Bra sizes also keep changing throughout one’s lifetime due to changing weight, pregnancy, or other biological reasons. Hence, prioritizing on the changes in your figure and staying abreast with the latest measurements is equally important. This might come in handy on most occasions as bra sizes are known to be variable across brands and cannot be relied upon. A brief introduction into the world of bra and bra sizes might be intimidating to some while daunting to the rest but the easiest way through this is to find a long term solution by

Measuring one’s breasts might seem like an awkward task and might feel uncomfortable to begin with but the process has long-term benefits and enables you to get the best for yourself. Keeping a record of the measurements on easily accessible media is suggested as it comes in handy during trials, especially while online shopping for bras. The equipment needed is minimal and the process is easy to navigate through. Knowing your bust size will help you a lot while shopping and will save you from the stress and unnecessary trouble of probable returns. It will boost your confidence in the marketplace and will make you a more informed consumer while you buy women’s bra online. With this exhaustive guide, you can bid a humble goodbye to random guessing attempts and uninformed purchases while buying ladies’ bra online.

1. The answer’s in the now:

Stand in front of a mirror which reaches your torso level. Now the observing game begins. Do you have wrinkles on your cup? Or is the underwire too big and pokey? Is there cup spillage? Does the band ride up your underbust? Do the straps fall often? If the answer to any of these questions is even a remote yes, it's time to reconsider that bra size.

2. All under control:

The key to the solution begins at the underbust. Sizes that say 32A or 34B indicate the measurement of the underbust followed by the cup size. So, the underbust measurement is what we are aiming to look at. Place the measuring tape right under your breasts, around the torso and take the nearest whole to round it off and add four inches if your number is even, else add a free in case of an odd number.

3. Best for the bust:

Use the measuring tape to measure your cup size. This indicates the measurement of your bust. Place it lightly around your breasts at the nipple level and proceed to round it off to the nearest whole number.

4. ‘Cause of the cup:

Follow up the previous 2 steps by subtracting the underbust size from the bust size. This would give you the size of the cup and help you in understanding the sizing style for different brands better.

While a calculated method gives precision, the easiest ways to understand if a bra fits you or not is also quite instinctive. Bend down to see if the cups are too loose or too less and make sure that the level of the band is even all around the underbust. Shorten the straps after tightening the band and lastly, see if you are comfortable wearing the bra. The wrong size might subsequently lead to changes in breast size, too much pressure on the shoulders, back pain and other health issues.

These tips are especially useful when you’re planning to buy bras online. In addition to the basics, one should also be acquainted with the various types of bras available in the market. For a seamless effect over t-shirts and shirts, t-shirt bras are your best bet as they provide full support. For those into fitness and high octane exercises, a sports bra is a wardrobe staple as they prevent discomfort and possible sagging. Push up bras are great for outfits that need volume and need your bust to look fuller. Padded bras are a close cousin to push-ups in terms of added fullness but also provide for adequate coverage and a seamless feel. Stocking up on these variants would definitely up your bra game.

In these troubling times, buying bras online is not only a good but also a safe option. Since online shopping is becoming the new normal, it is always a good idea to know what to buy where without compromising on quality.

In today’s times, with the increase in the number of reasons to buy bra online, knowing oneself is the best way possible to cater to oneself. With a gazillion options available in varied styles and sizes, it’s not a tough task anymore to find your right fit. With accessibility comes options and with options come experimentation. It’s never too late to revamp your wardrobe and what better item to start than the essentials. Now is your time to turn your love-hate relationship with bras to a love-love relationship with Vstar bras. Choose the right type and the right fit from a wide range of premium bras and wave goodbye to the pokes and stabs. High comfort, premium quality and versatility as a part of its catering motto, Vstar’s well-defined sections for buying women’s bra online and easy to sort styles will help you find your perfect fit in no time. So take the leap and discover what suits and supports you the best the next time you decide to shop for bras online.