How to choose shapewear for women to instantly amp up your look

How to choose shapewear for women to instantly amp up your look

All women want to look beautiful and gorgeous irrespective of their age and it comes with challenging outfits in trend. Yes, it is true that the right shapewear for women can do wonders, especially when you are experimenting with different looks. All you need is a perfect innerwear that fits your body type because it will transform your outfit and your look. There are a few myths about women’s shapewear clothing, let’s start by bursting it first.

  • Shapewear must be super tight to get all bulges into shape! Not true, if you buy women’s shapewear that is cutting off your circulation, restricting your movements or making it difficult for you to breathe, we recommend you to simply buy your regular underwear size.
  • Shapewear is meant to wear on special occasions! Not true, women’s shapewear clothing is no longer just an accessory for a special occasion, you can now wear them beneath your office attire, jeans, or any dress lying idle in your wardrobe.
  • They hurt to wear and take off! Not true, shapewear’s are made of lightweight fabrics and multi-way stretch material which are comfortable for use. For extra comfort, we recommend you to buy women’s shapewear from V-Star.

Choose well to look good!

Pick styles that enhance your body type and shape, each of us has a different body shape and we generally fall into one of the below templates:

Banana shape:

“Uniformly lean from top to bottom”

A high control low waist panty works best for this shape. It works for all-day shaping, tucking-in your tummy and giving your rear an enviable lift. Buy ladies shapewear online from a V-Star.


“Proportioned bigger on the top”

A medium control tummy shaping girdle is an ideal buy for this shape. Power tummy shapes that help flatten the abdomen bulge and support the weak abdomen muscles.


“Probably the best known”

Pear-shaped women have significantly wider hips and their waist measurements are just lesser than their bust measurements. A high control thigh shaper will work best for this body shape. Helping to achieve a sleek look.


“Tend to get bigger both above and below the waist at the same time”

This body type tends to put on weight evenly all over and problem areas are the lower belly and saddlebags. So, a low control high waist panty will work best for this body type. Stay seamless, no matter what you are wearing!

Stay seamless, no matter what you are wearing!