How to buy comfortable panties online in India

How to buy comfortable panties online in India

A perfect outfit shines not just when the you get it right with what you’re wearing on the outside, but when you give equal importance to what you wear underneath them. Most of women carefully consider the type of bra you wear under a top or a dress, but most often forget about what’s going on at the bottom. Panties needs to be an essential part of every woman’s innerwear collection, as it has the real power to break or make a look. With the changing patterns and styles, women panty cuts and designs are now experiencing a colossal makeover. The online platforms offer a range of latest cuts and patterns for the best of prices. Buying ladies panties can seem a little tricky to some of you out there, you’re worried about the quality, the right size and the list go on.

To start with, while you buy panties for women online, it is very important for you to know your size, style preference, the different types of panties and each type suitable for different outfits. Like we discussed above, there are numerous panties out there in the market in a variety of styles, cuts, patterns and functions. Although, we believe that there five types of ladies’ panties which are basic and essential in every woman’s innerwear collection.

Boy Shorts: Boy shorts are a feminine take on a man’s boxer brief. Boy shorts have a longer cut, extending to the very top of the thighs, below the crotch line. A very comfortable underwear style which can be worn for great support and under long skirts or dresses which are not figure-hugging.

Classic Briefs: A standard and basic style of panties which works best as a daily wear for women. With a waistband which rests on or a little below your belly button, this panty style can be your best option if you’re looking for proper coverage and comfort. From high-waisted to low-cut briefs, there are a few options available in this particular style.

Thongs: An actual must-have in every woman’s innerwear essentials, thongs are popularly available in soft lace and mesh styles, to provide all-day comfort. The triangular shape in the front, super-thin sides and minimal back, guarantee you zero panty lines when worn underneath the figure hugging outfits such as a body-con dress or a tight pencil skirt.

Bikini: This feminine style of panties inspired by the bikini bathing bottoms, is typically low-rise, providing less coverage in the back. They have higher cut legs and thin sides, making this style a good option under any outfits, irrespective of body types.

Hipster: Similar to the bikini, a hipster panty has more of a square cut and a slightly higher rise. Hipsters have greater side coverage on the hips, creating a modest effect. Wearing a pantie under your jeans can do wonders as it provides utmost comfort and support for the movement.

Now, you have an idea about the various women’s underwear styles which are basic and super essential to your wardrobe. On a brighter note, there’s nothing to be worried about while buying ladies panties online, as we’ve put together a quick set of tips to keep in mind while you do your next round of online purchase for panties.

  1. Make sure that you have enough time at hand to sit down and make the online purchase. Also, you need to be clear about what exactly you’re looking for. Rushing through the process without an idea about what you want, would leave you confused and you’d probably end up wasting money and time on something you don’t need.
  2. Reading reviews are crucial while making any kind of purchase online. It can help a lot in understanding various product features and details. But keep in mind that everyone has distinct preferences, so keep your eyes open to contradicting views.
  3. The online innerwear store is thriving with products from different brands. You need to choose to make your purchase of innerwear from a brand that you trust. Once again, reading reviews and checking out the product ranges can help you here.
  4. The material or fabric is extremely important for your comfort. Always remember to choose a soft and snug material which doesn’t leave your skin irritated. Cotton panties are an excellent choice for everyday wear.
  5. Just like any other apparel item, it is quintessential to get the size and fit right. Find your exact size with the help of a sizing chart or a fit guide.
  6. List down the different panty styles you require before you start off with your online shopping spree. Along with the styles, have an idea about the colors you’d want to pick. Remember to pick at least two styles in a nude or neutral shade as it goes with most of the outfits.
  7. Money matters. But remember to wisely invest in innerwear as good quality ones provide the best comfort, support and hygiene.
  8. Body type has to be considered why picking out innerwear. Your body shape is a vital factor for deciding the right panty type for you. The online range presents a panty guide that can be checked out once before paying for any.

The right style of underwear can change the complete outfit game. Online lingerie stores have all the benefits that can help women with buying their suitable size. Some of the most reliable online websites convey a wide range of styles and fits that work for all women out there. We are all about building a refined, comprehensive high-quality wardrobe, these days, so your underwear should not just be an afterthought. Keep these easy tips in mind to make your online panty shopping hassle-free and quick.