Hot colours in women’s undergarments for the winter!

Hot colours in women’s undergarments for the winter!

Winter is here and so are beautiful colours! Just as you set your wardrobe with great outfits that resonate with the season, so should you choose your women’s undergarments. Here are a few colours that we think are both flattering and elegant and totally stay in line with the vibe of the winter:


From pastel-hued lilac to full-on violet, this royal shade has been catching on big time this season! Along with letting you soak in the ‘wintery’’ vibes entirely into your look, this colour also imparts a very attractive, sensuous feel to your overall appearance. Go Purple this winter!


Think of the winter and the first colour that comes to your mind would be pink. From the flowers that bloom this season to the beautiful sky, there is pink everywhere around! Also, keeping with the trends of last year, pastel shades of pink were the thing. So, make sure you have a cool collection of women’s bras and cotton panties in different shades of pink.


Nude is a must-try colour this winter! It goes perfectly well with white, blue, pink, beige and any other light colour. A nude or flesh-coloured bra denotes a personality that is natural, easy-going, down-to-earth and transparent. It is for the confident, relaxed woman. Buy women’s bras in nude colour from VStar.


Think vibrant colours, think yellow! Your winter wardrobe would be incomplete without bright yellow undergarments. Yellow has made a comeback to the fashion scene and it’s here to stay. So, pick your favorite yellow women’s innerwear this season and wear it under beautiful outfits.

Light blue

Blue is a colour for all seasons. But winter is definitely for the light and dusky shades of blue. This is one colour that can be worn to formal and casual events, equally.