Choosing the Right Lingerie for Every Outfit

Choosing the Right Lingerie for Every Outfit


Choosing the Right Lingerie for Every Outfit 

If you tend to equate lingerie with women’s undergarments, we don’t blame you and you are certainly not alone. In simple words, undergarments may be thought of as the bare basics while lingerie is certainly an indulgence that every woman deserves! When you buy lingerie online, the right one not only makes you feel your best, but it makes you look your best too!  

The glamorous feel of the comfortable lingerie inside translates to a confidence boost in the way you look and move. In other words, your intimate apparel deserves the same kind of attention, if not more, as your outer apparel. If you are looking for help to choose the right lingerie for every outfit, read on to know more. 


Types of lingerie 

Shopping for the right lingerie is fun if you know the various options available to you. So, let’s have a look at the different types of popular lingerie and the outfits you can wear them under:  

  1. Bikini: A bikini is a brief underpants with a classic cut and reaches the hip offering just the right coverage. Though meant for the beach or the pool, there is no reason why a bikini can’t be worn under any type of clothing, especially low-waist pants and short tops. If you love your linen and satin pants, pick a few seamless bikinis.
  2. Hipster: This underwear is designed to sit low on the hip offering more coverage at the back with a little extra length at the bottom for a more youthful and trendier look. Check out hipsters with details of lace, floral designs and more when you buy lingerie online. 

  3. Boyshorts: If you are looking for plenty of comfort, extended coverage and some slimming effect, then boy shorts are your best friend. They are ideal under body-hugging dresses.    

  4. Thong: One of the most revealing types of underwear, it only has a small strip of fabric to cover strict essentials. It is the perfect pick for your big night. Details of straps, lace, floral appliqués and more can take their appeal several notches above. You can check them out from the comfort of your couch by browsing through women’s lingerie online collections. They are the go-to choice for low-waist pants.   

  5. Bra: Short for brassiere, a bra is a form-fitting undergarment that covers and supports the breasts. There are numerous choices ranging from push-up, underwire, strapless and more depending on the type of support and look you desire. A host of designs, fabrics and prints are available for you to choose your bras from, whether you decide to buy women’s lingerie online or in-store Spaghetti straps or strapless are a must-have for outfits with plunging necklines.  

  6. Bralette: It is a bra without an underwire or any other structural elements. It offers less support and is perfect for women with a smaller bust. It usually incorporates a lot of lace that gives it a pretty look. 

  7. Bustier: This style of lingerie is designed to draw attention to the bust by accentuating the cleavage. It is an extended bra top that covers most of the torso. It is a great pick for nights when you want to work up some heat or simply steal the show with a sheer top or blouse.   

  8. Camisole: Camisole or cami is a lingerie tank top with spaghetti straps and waist-length that is designed as a layering piece under tops, tees, shirts and Kurtis for a shapely silhouette. Some stylish camis are designed to be worn on their own during workouts or just as tops. Pair it with tap shorts for comfy sleepwear or go for a thong if you are in the mood for some skin show. 

  9. Chemise: It is a short slip dress that you can pair with a matching bikini or thongs for comfort and glamour. It is perfect for wear under sheer dresses, tops, blouses and Kurtis and simply liberating on its own during the night!  

  10. Corset: Traditionally worn as shapewear, it clings to the body and accentuates the figure giving an amazing hourglass silhouette. It helps reduce the waist size, camouflaging unwanted bulges. You can pick corsets with lace ties to give your figure a defined look. It looks best under fitted dresses, tops and Kurtis. Glamorous ones with details of lace, grommets and satin straps are a great choice for those special nights. When going out, cover it up with a sheer or transparent dress for the right amount of reveal and coverage. 

  11. Bodysuit: It is popularly called the teddy and includes both the bra and the underwear. Though it offers more coverage than separates, it has a sexier appeal attached to it for the simple reason that it is the choicest lingerie for special occasions like the wedding night, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. But there is no reason why you can’t turn any regular day or night into a special one wearing it. Go for lace, floral detailing, stunning colours and more to entice your partner! It also acts as the perfect layer under different types of clothing. 

  12. Garter or suspender belt: When you want to hold up thigh-high stockings and show off shapely legs while enhancing the waistline, garter belts are the go-to choice. Coordinating bras and panties are all you need for steamy nights. Skirts and dresses are the perfect outfits under which you can wear a garter belt. 

  13. Robe: Wear it long or wear it short, this one-piece set is perfect to lounge around when you want to play it cool and casual. It is sometimes accompanied by short or sexy underwear to amp up the oomph factor. 

  14. Romper: A cami and a tap short bundled into one, it has a playful vibe that is perfect to lounge around with the special person in your life. Check out women’s lingerie online for rompers made of cotton and other comfy material for regular use. The ones made of mesh, tulle and other see-through materials are perfect for a honeymoon, Valentine’s Day and other such special occasions.  

We hope we have been able to convince you about the importance of lingerie in showing off your best self to the world or just let you relax in the comfort of your bedroom. Just go ahead and indulge in some cool and fun purchases to stock up on these wardrobe-essentials. You can easily and safely buy lingerie online.