Buy the Best Lingerie to Wear Under Summer Outfits

Buy the Best Lingerie to Wear Under Summer Outfits


Buy the Best Lingerie to Wear Under Summer Outfits 

Summers are for sleeveless tops, floaty dresses and sheer wraps. As the temperatures start soaring, it’s natural to want to wear the most minimal of clothing whether you plan to stay in or go out. As you pack your winter outfits in your cupboard and bring out your summer outfits, check if you have the right lingerie. Like we always say, comfort begins from inside. So, right fitting lingerie means you feel cool and comfy all day long.  

Checked the lingerie you have in your cupboard? Check if the bras, panties, camis and other innerwear are suitable for layering under your summer outfits. In this blog, we’ve got some great lingerie suggestions for layering under summer outfits. We hope our suggestions and tips will be helpful when you buy lingerie online. 


Let’s start with the basics 

When it comes to buying women lingerie online or in a store, the first things that you need to consider are the material, size and fit.  In many cases, the style determines the fit and comfort. So, having a clear idea of the lingerie style that’s best for you will greatly help narrow down your search for the perfect intimate apparel. So, let’s start with the most basic thing when it comes to buying innerwear - the fabric.  


Summers are all about high temperatures, sweat, and humidity. The best fabric for such conditions is cotton. This material is soft on your skin. Plus, it absorbs sweat to keep you feeling comfortable. Thirdly, pure cotton is breathable. So, your skin will get plenty of air circulation, which is very essential for those hot days. If you like a little bit of stretch in your innerwear, go for cotton mix fabrics. Most cotton mix fabrics have a mix of cotton with spandex or modal. These blend fabrics offer a flexible fit.  


It’s already hot, and you don’t want to be pulling the bra straps away from your shoulder or pulling the bra away from the skin. Make sure that the bra and panties are of the right size for a comfortable fit.  


The fit depends on the type of lingerie and your comfort level. When it comes to bras, the cups should cover the breast mounds without any bulges at the sides. Also, the bottom band of the bra has to sit right below your breasts and not ride up when you stretch or bend. In the case of panties, the waistband should not be so tight that it digs into the skin or so loose that it keeps folding down. You should also check for crotch coverage in panties. The sides of the panties should not ride into the crease of your thighs making you feel uncomfortable.   


Wondering which lingerie styles are best for layering under summer outfits? Let’s take a look at a few of the popular styles that you can check out when you buy lingerie online for layering under your summer outfits.  

Plunge bras 

These bras are designed with deep necks and offer full coverage of the breasts. Plunge bras are great for layering under low neck t-shirts and tops. If you’re wearing a sheer top, then get bras in solid colours and thick materials.  

Strapless bras 

If you love wearing halter neck outfits or off-shoulder dresses, then go for strapless bras. These bras are designed to stay in place even without the straps. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about the straps sticking to your skin as you start getting sweaty.  


A bandeau wraps around your breasts to offer complete coverage on all sides. Plus, it’s designed with a thick band on the top and at the bottom to hold it in place. If you are hitting the beach or pool, just team a bandeau with a sarong for an extra oomph factor.

Convertible bras 

Convertible bras are definitely wardrobe staples. You can use these bras with or without the straps. You can even wear the strap cross to use the bra as a racerback. There are so many different ways you can wear this bra depending on the type of outfit. 

Love to wear flirty skirts on those hot summer days? The bottom open design of the skirt makes it wonderful wear when the temperature is rising outside. Layer a hipster panty under a skirt for comfortable wear. You don’t need to worry about the wind playing with the hems of your short pleated skirt as you’re literarily covered below!  

Bikini panties 

No, bikini panties are not just for the pool or beach. You can wear them in all kinds of outfits. The simple cut and minimalistic design of the bikini makes it ideal for layering under capris, trousers, and even day dresses.  


Do check out camisoles when you buy lingerie online for your summer outfits. A loose-fit camisole is a must-have in your summer wardrobe. You can layer the cami under tops and Kurtis or wear it by itself. V-neck camisoles offer a snug fit over the breasts and fall loose below the breasts. You can layer this kind of camisole under deep neck tops and Kurtis.  


Tips to buy the best lingerie for summer 

  • Go for lingerie made of cotton and cotton blend fabrics 
  • Always have comfort as the highest priority when you go shopping online for lingerie 
  • If you’re wearing sheer outfits, go for lingerie that offers the right coverage  
  • Preferably go for seamless bras and panties that don’t show any lines under your outfit 


We’ve put together our tips and suggestions to keep in mind when you buy women’s lingerie online for the summer. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions to add? Share your thoughts with us.