Men’s Underwears For Every Ocassion | Vstar

Men’s Underwears For Every Ocassion | Vstar


Underwears for Every Occasion

Different underwear for every occasion! Does this idea make you take a step back and wonder if it’s really necessary to go so much into detail when it comes to innerwear? If you’re the sort who just buys men’s underwear online without giving it a lot of attention, then this article is sure to be illuminating!

Have you been in a situation when you’d worn silk briefs on a hot day and found yourself feeling very uncomfortable the whole day? Or you’d worn a pair of loose-fit boxers under your denim? Now, I guess you can understand what we’re getting at.


Choosing underwear for each occasion based on the type

To understand which kind of underwear is best for the occasion, we need to know about the basic types of underwear. The common types of men’s underwear are


They are loose-fit inner wears that you can wear with tailored pants, a pair of shorts, or slim-fit bottoms. They are breathable and offer maximum leg support. The design features an elastic waistband, straight legs, and a button fly. Boxers are great for wearing when you go to sports events. You can even wear boxer shorts when you’re lazing around at home or for sleeping. Most boxers are made of cotton, which makes them perfect for everyday wear. However, the problem is that they tend to bunch up when worn below skin-cut or tight-fit pants. 


Briefs are the standard type of underwear that most men prefer to use. This innerwear is designed to cover the pelvic region and the front, leaving the sides open. They are usually designed with elastic waistbands for a custom fit. Briefs are less prone to bunching. So, you can wear briefs under low-rise pants, skin-fit denim, or tight trousers. Briefs are great for men who work at their desk all day long. It’s because the seams lie at the natural crease between the leg and the body. So, there is less discomfort in the pelvic region because of the pressure of the fabric on the skin. Briefs are available in a wide range of colours and designs. The waistband of low-rise briefs sits about three inches below the waist while the waistband of mid-rise briefs sits just below the navel.

Boxer briefs

If you want the comfort of boxers and the fit of briefs, go for boxer briefs. They have the shape of a boxer on the top and offer a tapered fit down the thighs. These inner wears offer a snug fit and still give you the freedom to move. That’s why boxer briefs are great when you’re working out or doing physical exercises. As they cover almost half the thigh, boxer briefs are great for layering under coarse fabrics, denim, and wools. Boxer briefs can be layered under all kinds of trousers. If you’re at a job that requires sitting for long hours at a stretch, boxer briefs can be a tad uncomfortably. However, if your job requires you to walk around a lot, this pair of underwear will make a comfortable choice.


Trunks are like boxer briefs but slightly shorter at the thigh. They are square-shaped and cover the pelvic region and the top of the thighs. You can wear trunks under formal and casual outfits. They’re great to wear during workouts and physical activities.


Yes, there is bikini-style underwear for men as well. They are defined by a high-cut leg and a low-cut waist. The sides are narrow. It’s great for wearing when you go swimming or when you’re planning a special night out.


Jockstraps are designed with high impact sports activities in mind. The design offers complete front coverage and minimal rear coverage. The leg straps are designed to wrap around the rear to provide additional support.


If you are someone who feels very comfortable with minimal style, the thong is a great choice. They have low-rise waistbands that are narrow, almost string-like in some designs. Thongs have a front pouch and a rear strap, leaving the sides open.


G-strings are for guys who believe in “Flaunt it if you’ve got it”! Just as the name says, this innerwear is made of strings of fabric that run around the waistband and hold the pouch in place.


You can wear a singlet when you’re hitting the beach or just lazing by the pool. It’s designed like a one-piece bodysuit but doesn’t offer complete coverage. Suspender straps rise from the waistband to go round your shoulders. Check out different colours and patterns to show off your unique style.


Choosing underwear for each occasion based on material



The most preferred fabric for underwear is cotton. This fabric is soft, breathable, and absorbent - all of which makes it perfect to wear just above the skin. The downside of pure cotton is that it is prone to shrinking. Men’s cotton underwear is suitable for all occasions.

Cotton blends

Cotton is mixed with other materials to reduce shrinking and offer a stretch fit. The most common blends are cotton with lycra or spandex. Cotton blend underwear is also great for all occasions. They’re even more suitable when you’re working out or doing physical exercises.


Linen fabric is naturally stiff and slightly bulky. However, linen underwear will be comfortable if you’re travelling for a long duration.


Microfiber is made from rayon, polyester, polyimide and other manmade materials. Men’s underwear made of microfiber feel soft to the touch. They’re breathable and shrink resistant. Microfiber underwear is suitable for everyday use.

Men’s fashion has been growing a lot over the last decade. So, you have ample options when you buy men’s underwear online. Instead of just selecting underwear based on random ideas, think of the material, the purpose, and comfort level when you check out men’s underwear online. You can keep the same points in mind when you buy boys outerwear online.