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Types of Vest Every Man Should Know | Vstar


Types of Vest Every Man Should Know


A vest or waistcoat is a men's wear with no sleeves. The word comes from the French word 'Veste' meaning sports coat or jacket. It can be casual innerwear or formal wear.

When you try to buy a men’s vest online, you can be confused by the search results. Most people think of vests as two different types of garments. Basically, they are the same - one which is worn inside is commonly known as a vest and one that is worn outside of your shirt is known as a waistcoat. Different styles of vests are available as per the needs.


Why should you wear a vest?

The vest is vintage, popular and has a stylish vibe to it. Keeping the fashion aspect aside, it can be worn during bicycling, hiking, jogging, gym and other sports activities. Being sleeveless, it allows free movement of your arms, and hence it's a great choice for sportswear. A woollen vest can be used as jackets or thermal wear during winters. It helps to keep your core temperature stable.

In hot climates, it acts as a sweat barrier and keeps your shirt sweat-free. When worn as innerwear, it also prevents deodorant staining of your shirt. The vest makes your shirts less transparent. You can buy a boy's vest online as well.


Different types of vests

Vests are available in different styles, materials and colours. The basic model is a garment covering the upper body except for the arms till your waist.

Sleeveless vest

Sleeveless vests are the most commonly used type of vest. It usually has a deep round neck design and is often used as an undershirt with formal wear. Athletes use it as sportswear during tracks and field. Soldiers use these during their training sessions. Also used as public casual wear in hot climates.

Square Neck vest

Stylish sleeveless vest with square neck design and broad shoulder straps that gives a macho look to the wearer. It has a contoured body fit style.

Muscle tee

It is the same as a t-shirt except this has no sleeves. Ideally used by athletes as it allows free movement of arms and shoulders. As the name suggests, it is a body fit vest that compliments your body muscles.

Tank tops

These are always worn as innerwear, mainly to hide your nipples. It has a bigger armhole, and hence does not absorb much sweat. Also, tend to have visible sidelines when worn with light coloured shirts. These are not used much these days.

Crew neck T-shirt

These vests were considered to be one of the best undershirts, and it is what evolved into t-shirts later on. They provide good sweat protection and reduce the transparency of your shirt. Crew neck T-shirts come with high necks, so it can provide extra warmth in cold climates. But a major drawback is that you have to button up your shirt all the way up to your collar or else the high neckline of the crew neck T-shirt will come peeping out.

V-neck t-shirt

A perfect solution to the trouble caused by a high neckline of crew neck T-shirt as these vests allow you to leave a couple of your top buttons open. They have good absorbency as the crew neck vests, so these have become one of the more popular vests nowadays.


These vests with long sleeves are used for their high absorbency as well as their insulation powers. It is used for extra warmth in cold climates due to this feature. These were developed from union suits and at times these come with buttons and collars, so they can be used as a t-shirt as well.

Athletic vest

These are light, moisture-wicking athletic wear almost similar to an undershirt. Usually made of synthetic material or microfiber to keep it lightweight and easy drying. Athletic vests are often worn without a shirt so they come in dark colours with logos or brands.

Gym Vest

A popular fabric in the fitness domain, it is considered to be an ideal wear for Gym, football, and other field workouts. These also come with a moisture-wicking feature that adds to their popularity. Gym vests are designed for comfort and mobility, so these provide ease and flexibility during your workout sessions.

Compression Vests

These are used to give your body a toned appearance by concealing the lumps and bumps present up to a level. Used mainly by people with man boobs or gynecomastia.

Buy a vest online to get different styles and fabrics at your convenience. Choosing the right vest gives you comfort and good form. So, try out different vests to find the best one that suits you and make a world of difference to your outlook.