Lingerie Trends To Look For This Summer | Vstar

Lingerie Trends To Look For This Summer | Vstar


Lingerie Trends To Look For This Summer

Last year was filled with hopes and dreams of having a great tan, having a cold drink on the shores of a beach and also showing off your great body. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, this year has brought upon us a fresh summer, just around the corner.

With cities and beaches opening up like before, it is again that time of the year to flaunt your bodies and get the new and happening in market trends of lingerie. Women may at times feel shy to shop lingerie in person and this in turn has what boosted the buying lingerie online.

The e-commerce platforms have a plethora of lingerie to choose from, be it style, cuts, patterns, texture, fit, etc. Lingerie might not be something you immediately consider seasonal, but they have their trend cycles too. A point to remember while shopping for lingerie is to know your correct size and fit.

It can go wrong in two ways, either it can be really bulgy or it can be really loose. What one should be looking for in their lingerie is something in between, to call it just, perfect. Buying lingerie online can be a task of sorts, to choose the right one, especially something that is a new trend.


Check Out The Latest Trends For Summer 2021

1. Summer is the time to embrace bright colours and floral prints as they are both fresh and feminine. So, add some trendy floral and coloured lingerie to bring summer to your wardrobe. Own the look by teaming it up with your strappy summer clothes to show off the lovely floral print. The pink and white combination also feels super fresh, bringing a springtime exuberance with it. From bold optic prints to subtle bohemian approach, even florals have varieties to offer you.

2. Neon colours always create an entrance wherever they are, well they are hard not to look at. Neon lingerie has been an on and off fashion, but it is back again. Neon colours suit the Indian skin tone, and some might even say make their eyes pop. Experimenting with colours is something everyone should try. Both designers and users alike are stepping into the neon theme these days.

3. The unfussy laces are always in trend when it comes to lingerie. Laces bring out the feminine and bold side of a woman. Hues of black or pink, dazzling red, or be it bride white, these colors of lingerie are a must-try this summer. A little skin can never hurt anyone!

4. This summer go strapless, not just with your tops, but also with your lingerie. The strapless lingerie season is coming. Buy strapless lingerie online as the e-commerce platforms have more collection when it comes to strapless ones. These are the perfect bet for shoulder-baring outfits and can help you sail through the numerous bra woes in the summer season. They also come with padded cups, underwire support, and detachable transparent straps that allows you for multiway styling.

5. Bringing easy and breezy vibes to you this summer, is the cool colours collection of lingerie. The trend seen now is the high-rise hipster panties teamed up with the lightest hues of green, blue and violet. The hipster panties have a good coverage and will be a good choice to wear in the scorching heat.

6. Subtly cheeky for your cheeky self. Cheeky briefs are a must in your wardrobe this summer. Cheeky underwear offers more coverage than a thong, but less than a bikini, revealing a little more than it should. Though flirtier and more playful than your typical bikini cut, cheekies are still a great everyday option.

7. Frills are always fun for summer. Designers have brought the detailing this season with a frill-bordered lingerie. The mesh frill is beautifully soft, so it doesn’t compromise your comfort. Again, to keep up with the trend, this frill embroidered lingerie is mostly seen in hues of coral green and baby blue.

8. The bra tops or the bralette lingerie trend is the season-high. This item is a top essential for summer street style that every fashion ‘It’ girl will be wearing. Bralettes are designed to be easy-going, lightweight and comfortable. They tend to create a flatter and more spread-out lift under clothing, as opposed to the round, high and perky lift an underwire bra gives you.

9. Everyone loves showing off the brands they wear, so why not do the same with your lingerie too. The logomania has been going on for some time now with high-end brands.Starting off the trend. Logo and writing can give a quirky effect to your lingerie which makes it hard to miss, and also a little flair.

Lingerie is designed to make you feel confident and comfortable but at the same time make you feel beautiful, bold and daring. They are designed in an alluring and fashionable manner and the trends keep changing every now and then. If keeping up with trends is difficult, go for evergreen and classic ones like lace and strapless, so that it can be your go-to lingerie anytime and anywhere. Buying lingerie online is easier now more than ever with VStar, with numerous styles and types to choose from, within the comfort of your home.