Buy Stylish Innerwear for Men Online

Buy Stylish Innerwear for Men Online


Buy Stylish Innerwear for Men Online

Innerwear is not just a piece of clothing. It acts as a protective layer and provides you with comfort, confidence and style. Therefore, buy stylish innerwear for men online with great care. It contributes to your overall personality.

Choosing the wrong innerwear causes a host of problems including discomfort (not to mention adjustments), sweating, itchiness, etc. Life gets so much better if you take the time to learn about innerwear for men and choose the right one for your body type.

So, here are a few tips to help you with.


Brand Loyalty

First and foremost, most of us are loyal to specific brands. While not a bad thing in itself, this can mean you might be missing something that fits better and looks great on you.

Keeping an open mind and trying out different brands occasionally can be a well-rewarding exercise. Now you can buy men’s innerwear online. Meaning you can browse and find greater variety than ever before.


Design & Colour Matters

There is a lot of variety nowadays in terms of colours and designs. From traditional solids and stripes to modern-day prints, you have a wide range to experiment with. You never know what might interest your partner, and heat things up in the bedroom. So, trying out a few colourful prints can be worthwhile.


Pick up the right size for you

It could be the best looking innerwear with the best available materials. But that won’t matter if it’s not the right size. Larger ones tend to require repeated adjustments, and smaller ones can limit blood flow, causing problems throughout the day.

If you’re changing brands, it is best you try one and then buy more; because sizes can change with the brand.



you might have an idea about how different materials feel on you. The supposedly made-of-cotton, cheap innerwear may feel okay until you explore innerwear made from good quality cotton.

Also, while cotton is undoubtedly the most popular innerwear material, there are others too, such as lycra, spandex and silk. You could decide which to wear depending on the occasion (sports time, official time, casual, etc). Man-made materials are best avoided during active hours for better comfort and safety.


Identify Your Body Type and Find the Perfect Fit

There are three common body types – Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Find out what your exact body type is. It could be a mix of these different types as well. Depending on the body type, you can buy innerwear for men’s online.

Here are some stylish innerwear models from V-star for you to choose from.


Ace Neo

Ace neo is a stylish brief model, made of 100% premium combed cotton fabric. It provides extra coverage and can be used as comfort wear. Ace neo has an ultra-soft concealed waistband that gives your waistline a toned appearance.


Adams Neo

Made of premium combed cotton fabric, Adams Neo is another sexy brief model with a soft high-tech waistband and durability. It assures comfort to the user with stylish comfort seams.


Arrow Neo

Arrow neo is a fitted boxer brief, ideal for regular use. It consists of a double layer pouch to provide perfect support. Arrow neo has a signature waistband made of super soft elastic, along with a functional fly-front and pockets on either side.


Beast Plus

Beast plus briefs come with a soft, thin elastic waistline and are available in multiple colours. It is made of a single jersey fabric with a broad inner elastic that gives the brief perfect fit and coverage for increased comfort. It is a full brief fashioned from imported knit.


Britto Plus

Britto plus is a 100% cotton brief with a soft elastic waistline that can be used regularly. It is also made of single jersey fabric with broad inner elastic. Britto plus provides ample coverage and is comfortable to use.


Cavin Neo

Cavin neo is a modern fit brief model with square-cut styling. It is made of pure cotton fabric and has a double-layered contoured pouch. It is durable and ideal for regular wear. Cavin neo has a soft high tech fashionable waistband which makes it form-fit and comfortable.


Crazy Neo

It is modern short trunks with a double-layered pouch for additional support. Cavin neo is comfortable and snug fit, giving a muscular look to your thighs. It is available in different colours.



Modern fit brief made of premium combed cotton fabric. Den-HR08 consists of a soft cushioned waistband that gives a smooth comfortable grip. It comes with a double-layered contoured pouch for better support and is available in multiple colours and designs.


Dexter Neo

Dexter neo briefs have stylish soft and comfortable seams along with a soft waistband. It has a contoured double-layered pouch and a low rise fit. Made of pure cortina and is ideal for daily wear.


French Neo

It comes with soft seams and label-free. French neo is made of premium cotton rib fabric and is valued in fashionable prints. It has a special wide-cushioned waistband that tucks in your waistline giving your abdomen a toned appearance.


Jaz Neo

Fashionable modern short trunks with a double-layered contour pouch for extra support. Jaz neo is made from premium combed cotton elastane stretch fabric and has a snug fit which gives the user a sexual appeal.


Jeff Neo

Jeff Neo is a fully covered fitted modern trunk ideal for regular use. It has a pouch fly opening and comes with a unique leg treatment that prevents the riding up of the trunk. Jeff neo is durable with an ultra-soft concealed waistband.


Leo Neo

Leo neo are stylish briefs made of premium combed cotton elastane stretch fabric along with an ultra-soft waistband that provides a smooth and comfortable grip. It has a double-layered contoured pouch and low rise fit.



Buying underwear for men online is not as simple as it looks at first; especially if you really care about your style quotient. Choose carefully and make your everyday confident and stylish.