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Best Sports Bra For Gym Workout | Vstar


Best Sports Bra For Gym Workout

​​For the fitness-aware woman, sports bras play an extremely important part. They provide support, comfort and give you that all essential freedom while you are going through the paces. If you buy a bra online, there are plenty of options for sports bras.

Let's look at a few varieties of sports bra varieties you need to know when you buy ladies bra online.


Sports Bras According To Impact

High Impact - if you are taking part in vigorous physical activities such as dancing, running, aerobic activities then a high impact bra is the way to go.

Medium Impact - If your physical activity is of moderate nature such as light walking or hiking, then a medium impact sports bra is what you need to go with.

Low Impact - Are you into yoga or Pilates? Then low impact bras are the ones you should choose. These would provide just enough support and would be quite comfortable.

For gym workouts, you can use high intensity or high impact bras. Here are some of the popular sports bras models you need to try out.

Compression Sports Bras - These are actually meant for low impact activities. They don't have inbuilt cups making them extremely light. Also, they can be easily pulled over.

How they work is by compressing or pushing your breasts against your body. They are usually wire-free. As a result, their comfort levels are usually high.

Encapsulation Sports Bras - Meant to be kind of opposite to compression sports bras. Whereas compression sports bras come without inbuilt cups, encapsulation sports have heavily padded inbuilt cups that keep your breasts separate. Also, these come underwired for stability. The kind of support provided by encapsulation bras make them great for high impact workout.


Sports Bra Back Styles

Racerback - This is the most popular type of sports bra you frequently see actresses wear in movies while working out. Racerback bras provide great support for high impact workout. They get the name because the shoulder straps meet between the shoulder blades to form a Y shape.

Criss Cross Back - These are similar to racerback sports bras, but they have a crisscross design at the back which is great for making a fashion statement. They provide you ample support and protection just like Racerback bras.

Pullover Bras - Lightweight bras meant for low impact activities. They are most popular with teenagers, and you're not advised to wear them if you have a larger bust.

Tank Top Bras – Ideal for lesser intensity workouts, these are basically Tank tops that come with embedded bras. Because of this lack of multiple layers, it is easier and less time consuming to wear and remove them. You can buy this style of ladies bra online at various styles and price points.


Tips To Choose To the Right Sports Bra

Know Your Size - You need to know the perfect size of a sports bra that you should wear. Usually, it is a size up than your normal bras. 

Straps Matter - Always choose straps that are thick. Because during a strenuous physical activity you definitely need that kind of support from your bra.

Adjustable Straps - it is quite normal for your bust size to go up or down in a short period of time when working out. So it is best to actually buy bras with adjustable straps. It will help you use a bra for longer periods.

Sports Bras just like normal bras might take some trial and error to find the perfect style for you. But you can keep the basics in mind to narrow your choices. There are a huge number of options when you buy women’s bra online.

With sports bras now becoming more popular, they are also worn for purposes other than working out. Such as for Instagram photoshoots, and also as daily wear at home. So you need not be a hardcore fitness enthusiast to try them out.