How To Find The Best Lingerie Colors For Your Skin Tone| Vstar

How To Find The Best Lingerie Colors For Your Skin Tone| Vstar


How To Find The Best Lingerie Colors For Your Skin Tone

When you buy lingerie for women, finding comfortable, fashionable lingerie is not enough to perfect your sexual appeal. For a blissfully exquisite experience, the right choice of lingerie colour is extremely important.

Your colour selection can either make you shine like a star or make you look awkward. A wrongly chosen colour is enough to reduce the overall sex appeal. Understanding the colours is especially important when you buy lingerie online.

Let’s take a glance at all the things that you need to keep in mind to choose the right colour for your lingerie.

Colour of your hair:

To start with your hair colour - do you have black or brown or blonde hair? If you have black hair, you can stick to not so light colours that may not fade out. Navy blue, red, purple, green etc will look good with dark or black hair.

Brunettes or brown-haired people look dashing wearing strong colours and colourful prints. Blondes look their best in pastel colours such as light pink, blue, purple etc, which do not overpower the light nature of their hair tone.

Hair adds to the sexiness of women, so make sure that you chose your lingerie which compliments and highlights them rather than making them nonexistent.

Eye colour:

Eyes are said to be the windows to your soul. So it is important that you choose lingerie colours to bring out your eyes. If you have dark eyes such as brown or brownish-black, dark shades of browns, purples, greens etc, are your perfect colour choices.

For blue eyes, try wearing blue or grey. Trying out a mix of blue with brown has proved its magic. Green eyes can be accentuated with shades of red or green or earth tones. Hazel coloured eyes are best complimented while wearing red, blue, green, brown and earth tones. Remembering this when you buy lingerie for women next time will definitely help you.

Skin colour:

While choosing your lingerie, don’t choose a colour that will overpower your skin tone or blend in with it. It is very important for you to choose a colour that is complementary to your skin tone as your lingerie is worn right against it.

Women with fair complexion are better off with pastel and powder colour lingerie unless you plan to match it with your hair or eye colour. Women with wheatish or mid-range complexion can choose strong or dark colour lingerie.

If you have tan or olive skin, it is advisable to use rust or forest green shades. A wide range of options are available for dark skin tone. One can go with light shades which will give a contrast look or adorn dark colours which complement their skin. Or better yet, try out lingeries with patterns to bring out your exquisite inner beauty.

Be Open to New Colours:

Each of us are unique, and the same can be said for our skin tones too. While there are colours that are classically considered to be perfect matches, it can be said that some colours might look better than imagined once it’s tried out. So, be open to experiment a little bit and try out new colours. This will improve your understanding of skin tone and colour tone, giving you a better range of colours to play with.

Consult a colour Professional:

If you just want to take the hassle out of finding the right colours for you, this is the professional way out. At the same time, it is also the costliest. But this can definitely change your approach to any and all clothes you wear; not just your lingerie.

The Smart Hack! Find your skin tone with an app. There are free apps that can help find you your skin tone. Once you find the skin tone, you can just use a colour wheel and follow certain rules. You can find these online easily. Here is a couple of them so that you can buy lingerie online.

  • Avoid using complementary colours
  • Avoid the dominant colour in your skin
  • Wear darker shades of your best-suited colours for a sophisticated look

There are also a variety of styles and fabrics. Each of them can also look different according to their colours. That is also an important factor to consider when you buy lingerie online and offline.