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Best Ways of Looking Good in a T-shirt | Vstar


The Best Ways of Looking Good in a T-shirt



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T-shirts are a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of styles and colours. Plus, you don’t have to deal with buttons and closures with a tee shirt. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, cargoes, and even trousers and get ready in a jiffy. Have you watched celebrities and fashion icons carry off the photo-perfect look with tees and wondered if you too could ape that style? Yes, you can! Let’s uncover the secrets of looking good in a t-shirt.



Choose the right fabric


The key to looking good in a t-shirt lies in finding the right fabric. If you have two tees of the same colour and design, it’s the material that will let you know which one will look better on you. Plus, good quality fabrics give you more value for money as the tee shirts tend to last longer.


Pure cotton and cotton blend

When it comes to men’s t-shirts, you can’t go wrong with cotton tees. However, as pure cotton t-shirts are prone to shrinkages, go for cotton blends. Egyptian and Pima cotton fabrics are soft and comfortable. Pima cotton is resistant to piling and softens with use. Spandex with a cotton mix is great if you like wearing form-fitting t-shirts. These mix fabrics are also great if you’re looking for t-shirts for workouts and exercises.


Linen blends

Linen is a strong fabric, which will give you lasting use. Plus, this material is soft and has a silky look. So, if you want to buy men’s t-shirts for occasional wear, go for linen t-shirts.



Bamboo t-shirts are soft and breathable. Plus, they’re eco-friendly. However, the catch is that they’re a tad expensive.



If you’re looking for affordable and regular-use men’s t-shirts online, we suggest polyester t-shirts. These lightweight t-shirts don’t wrinkle easily and also retain the shape after multiple washes. The downside is that they are not breathable.


Merino wool

T-shirts made from 100% merino wool are great for travel as they don’t smell for up to a week. Also, the soft wool will keep you warm and comfortable. These t-shirts have a larger price tag compared to other fabric tees.



Get the fit right


Whether you buy men’s t-shirt online or in a store, check for the fit. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while checking the fit.

  • The t-shirt should conform to your body shape
  • The t-shirt should not be restrictive and give you the freedom to move your arms
  • The tee-shirt should not be too tight over the chest, stomach, or biceps as it can feel very uncomfortable.


T-shirts are available in a classic fit, regular fit, loose fit and muscle fit styles. If you have a great body and want to show it off, choose muscle fit t-shirts. Classic and regular fit tees are great for those who don’t do a lot of physical workouts. Apart from the style, there are other things that you should check out when you buy a t-shirt.


Sleeves - The sleeves should end at the middle of your biceps for the best look. If the sleeves are slightly longer, fold them a couple of times. Long sleeves should end at the wrists.


Shoulder- The back seams of the t-shirt should rest on the end of your shoulders.


Length - The bottom hem of the t-shirt should rest just below the waist. It should be long enough to be tucked into the trousers, but not so long that it drops to the thigh.



Pick colours that suit your skin tone


It’s best to have the basic t-shirt colours - white, grey, black and navy blue. These colours go well with almost all shades of jeans and trousers. However, if you like experimenting with your style, you can choose t-shirts in red, blue, pink, and other colours when you buy men’s t-shirts online. However, make sure that the colour of the t-shirt compliments your skin tone.



Try different styles


T-shirts come in crewneck (round neck) and V-neck styles. Round neck t-shirts look great on all body types and more so for men with sloped shoulders or small chests. The high neck of the t-shirt helps to create an illusion of broad shoulders for a more proportionate look. V-neck t-shirts look wonderful on muscular and toned body types. These t-shirts are also great for shorter men as the V-style creates an illusion of height and will make them look taller.


There are other styles such as boat neck and scoop neck tees. Unless you have the confidence and panache to carry off these unique styles, it would be best to stay with the classic styles.



Dress for the occasion


Yes, you can dress tees to suit the occasion. A classic combination is a t-shirt with denim. This outfit is perfect for casual day-outs and a relaxed day-in. If you work outdoors, then a t-shirt with denim is a comfortable combination that you can always go for. Layer the t-shirt with a checked shirt or a plain cotton shirt for those occasions when you can’t dress very casually. For an evening out with friends or a casual date, layer the t-shirt with a sports jacket or a blazer. Sports shoes or boots complete the look. Tuck in the tee, if you’re layering it with a sports jacket or blazer for a streamlined look.


T-shirts are a man’s best friend as they are comfortable, versatile and easy to maintain. The best thing is that t-shirts are available in such a wide range of styles and colours that there’s such a large scope for experimenting with different looks. You can dress up for a casual event or dress down with t-shirts. Keep all these points in mind when you buy men’s t-shirts online and you’ll look good in a t-shirt.