A Guide to Men's Innerwear Style and Fabric

A Guide to Men's Innerwear Style and Fabric


A Guide to Men's Innerwear Style and Fabric



Innerwear is an essential part of daily attire. It comes in different forms such as undershirts, thermals, socks, and the most important one being the underwear. Since the ’90s, innerwear style has evolved significantly, especially for men. And given that one can buy men’s innerwear online, there is much more focus on innerwear style and fabric.

The first concept of innerwear was loincloth almost 7000 years back. But innerwear for men didn’t see much of evolution until recent years - nowadays there is a greater variety from practical innerwear to casual, comfortable and erotic ones.


Here’s a guide to give insights about the latest innerwear for men, and things to keep in mind when you buy men’s innerwear.



Different Styles of Underwear


Even if the majority of men use briefs or boxers, they do have a wide range of innerwear styles to choose from. Isn't it better to know the use of different innerwear and to use them accordingly, rather than wearing the same boring regular ones all the time? After all, you can buy men’s innerwear online. So it’s convenient.



Boxer Shorts


Though it took time to gain popularity initially, boxer shorts became the most used innerwear over time. Also, it is the first underwear to use elastic rim.

  • Boxer shorts are loose, airy, and comfy to wear.
  • Its design helps to reduce sweat secretion and retention, thereby preventing problems such as rashes, itching etc.
  • They provide the best support to manhood.
  • Boxer short’s major drawback is that it tends to bunch up, and hence can’t be worn with all outfits. Though some alterations have been made with time, this con persists.





Search for practical approaches to men’s innerwear lead to designing of the Y-shaped snug fit briefs. Briefs give relatively firmer support to the genitals while covering from the waist to the top of the thigh.

  • These are ideal underwear for tight outfits such as jeans, nor do they do not bunch up.
  • The brief is the perfect choice of innerwear if one must sit for prolonged periods.
  • If the correct size is not chosen, briefs can be tight and cause damage to the testes, reducing your sperm count and causing infertility.



Boxer Briefs


Being a hybrid of boxers and briefs, it is comfortable like the boxers and snug fit like the briefs. It has an anatomically correct design of the pouch, which prevents squashing and chafing of the groin. Boxer briefs cover up to 1/3rd of the thigh without bunching up as it is form fitting and can be worn with any outfit.





These are snug fit, deep-sided with below the waist fit type of underwear. Trunk covers up to the top of the thighs, giving the legs and a slender and muscular appearance. Usually made of nylon or spandex and is commonly used as a swim and boxer wear.





Jockstraps are the ideal sportswear undies for men. It comes with a protective shield which is now made of soft flexible material rather than plastic or steel cups which were used in the past. This shield keeps the groin in an elevated position, thereby providing the same protection as the cups. Jockstraps are made of fast-drying fabrics. Along with a boosting pouch that provides easy fit and comfort during the sports activities.



Men’s Bikinis


A sensual version of the men’s brief with an erotic appeal. It is skimpier yet has top-notch support, so it is as supportive as any other innerwear. Trendy and not too revealing style of the underwear allows it to be worn to work as well.



Men’s Thongs


Ample coverage of the front groin area with minimal fabric to cover the butt crack at the rear side, thongs contribute to the sexual appeal. Good air circulation present in thongs helps to keep the genital area dry and makes it a comfortable wear for hot summers. Also, no underwear lines will be formed across the butt cheeks as there is minimal fabric present there.



Men’s G-strings


Men’s G-Strings are among the skimpiest men’s underwear with support in the front and no rear fabric. These are considered one of the sexiest underwear for men. These can be used by men having severely sweating manhood, as G-strings provide sufficient air circulation.



Men’s C-strings


No string support over the waistband style of innerwear, that is the most revealing and erotic underwear for men. C-string has the shape of a headband, which slips right between the legs. The cup-sized pouch holds the groin in position and C-strings are ideal wear for tanning without procuring tan lines.



Innerwear Fabric


Now that you have an idea on different styles of underwear, let’s move on to the next key point: fabric. Fabric plays a vital role in comfort, quality, and durability of the innerwear. Earlier the most commonly used fabric was cotton. But now, a variety of fabrics, both natural and artificial, such as nylon, modal, silk, rayon, polyester, spandex, Tencel, etc are being used.





It is very soft and lightweight, with tiny pores for air circulation, making it comfortable. Cotton has a high absorbing capacity which makes it an ideal choice for regular wear, but not for workouts. It can be prone to shrinking and fading of colour if cotton is not of the best quality.





A synthetic polymer of microfiber construction, nylon is durable and abrasion-resistant. And, as it doesn’t allow heat to pass through, nylon remains warm during the cold. This makes the material an excellent choice for swimwear.





Comfy, airy and moisture absorbent, Rayon is good for dealing with excessive sweating. This material is soft to the skin, shrink resistant, and abrasion-resistant fabric with top-notch ventilation. But it has 2 drawbacks - it doesn’t provide enough warmth during winters, and due to its easily stretchable nature, it is not advised to be worn all day.





An elegant material that is soft, smooth, and durable with a sexual appeal. It can be worn in any climate as it is absorbent and non-conductor of heat. Silk is not supportive as other fabrics, and hence cannot be used for regular wear.





A durable and comfortable fabric which is often combined with other materials to provide a better fit. Spandex is mainly used for its elasticity rather than comfort and is mostly worn for sports, workouts, cycling and swimming.





A lyocell fabric that is more sustainable and stronger though less airy, soft and thin compared to cotton or other fabrics. It can naturally inhibit bacterial growth and is eco-friendly.





Thin comfortable synthetic fabric that is strong and durable. Easy to wash, dry and maintain with high absorbing power. Not ideal for hot climate


So, these are the most important styles and fabrics of innerwear for men. The best part is that you can buy innerwear for men online safely and conveniently. Try out different ones and experience the variations in fit and comfort.