7 Women’s undergarments to add to your wardrobe

7 Women’s undergarments to add to your wardrobe

You can have all kinds of stylish and trendy outfits in the world, but, if your collection of essential undergarments is not as good, then your outfits can be seriously let down! Here, we are listing down 7 women’s lingerie pieces that they should absolutely own. If you don’t own any of these, then its time to go shopping at VStar!

1. T-Shirt Bra

A nude t-shirt bra does the trick most of the time! Be it your t-shirts, tops, kurtas, dresses, shirts, and whatnot, t-shirt bras/ non-wired bras give you the right support and make you feel confident. Not just the nude shade, VStar brings to you non-wired t-shirt bras in most colours. Buy everyday t-shirt bras on Vstar with soft, adjustable straps and full chest coverage.

2. Sports Bra

Be it running, jumping or normal exercises at the gym, you definitely need to provide additional support to the bust line. Check out the collection of active wear bras on VStar. They are made of cotton elastin stretch fabric and provides maximum comfort & minimize breast movement.

3. Push-up Bra

Whenever you feel you need to give your breasts a gentle lift, push-up bras will come to your rescue. You can also use them if you feel you need to enhance your busts and give your breasts good, symmetrical shape. Buy push-up bras online and wear them under any type of outfit.

4. Fancy Bras

The fancy bras in lace and other ultra-soft premium fabrics are great to wear. They make you feel absolutely comfortable and beautiful inside out. Check out the Precious Purple collection on VStar for some stunning, luxury bras.

5. Camisoles

Camisoles can be used for layering under everything from work to work out clothes. These can be worn beneath your tops and also as a layer to compliment your stylish outerwear. Find women’s slips and camisoles galore on VStar!

6. Cotton Panties

The basic cotton panties are great for everyday wear. You can buy women’s panties in different styles like the bikini, hipster type and more. These are great for sleeping in and wearing with jeans and other bottom wear. Make sure to pick ones that have soft and smooth inner waistband and leave no marks on your skin.

7. Shape Wear

Shape wear for women including the tummy shaper, thigh shaper and the like, can give you the body you desire. The seamless shaping technology provides perfect contouring to the body and all-day comfort.