7 Interesting Facts about the Bra

7 Interesting Facts about the Bra

One of the most basic facts about bras is that we all wear them. Bras are an essential piece of every woman’s innerwear collection and a piece of clothing that we’ve all been familiar with since our preteen years. We’re all directed or conditioned to look after our breasts, taking care of their shape and any relevant changes, getting our breasts checked out for any medical concerns and most importantly to wear a bra!

Do you know what we used to call the old-fashioned bras? Do you know about all the different kinds of bra styles? Do you know how and when the cup sizes were invented? Feeling a little lost about all these facts? You’ve come to the right place! Take a trip down memory lane and learn a few exciting facts about bras – your quintessential best friend.

  1. The bra, which is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe irrespective of where they live, was originally invented in France back in the 1890s and was an evolved form of a corset. The innerwear garment was initially split into two separate parts, with the majority of the material going to the bottom half of the bra to create a sort of high-waisted brief affair. The top part of this lingerie, which looks very similar to a standard bra, was called the corselet gorge. Just over thirty years later, retailers would start to sell this part of the lingerie as a stand-alone piece.
  2. Back in the day when the French were manufacturing pieces of garment which resembled the modern bras, no one called it by that name. It was in 1907 when the legendary publication Vogue first used the word ‘brassiere’ in print. The word was accepted and added to the Oxford English Dictionary a few years later. Wondering how people addressed the garment way before that? They were given a range of intriguing names, such as the ‘bodice bundle’ or ‘BB’ for short. Soon enough, though, people around the world started referring to these items as brassieres and then later, bras.
  3. For a long-time, cup sizes did not exist. Yes, you read that right and we cannot imagine how uncomfortable that must have been for women until this invention.  In the 1930s, S. H. Camp and Company created a cup-sizing system that is similar to the one that we use today. The sizes were categorized according to their size and assigned a letter (A to D) to make things as easy as possible. Over the years, there has been some considerable advancement and there are now much easier methods of measurement, but isn’t it fascinating to think that everything we get today is based on what was put together decades ago!
  4. Bras are constantly evolving. Since the first bra was invented, there have been innumerable changes. Did you know that the padded bras did not exist until 1947? And push-up bras weren’t even heard of until a year later? There are a plethora of styles, varieties and types of bras available today. This means that it’s wise to clearly research what type of bra suits you before you buy bra online or from stores.
  5. You probably know this, but around 80% women are actually wearing the wrong bra size. This is due to a number of different factors. Despite the availability of various fit guides, tools and information, a large number of women do not get measured often. Wearing an ill-fitted bra will not provide your breasts with the support that they require. What’s more, it’s likely to be uncomfortable and means that you won’t feel as confident as you ought to. For that very reason, it’s essential that you get measured on a regular basis. Beat the odds and ensure that you are wearing the right size.  
  6. Lastly, because of the kind of soft and delicate materials used in bras, many women prefer washing their bras by hand so they don’t get caught in the washing machine. However, if you belong to the group of people who have literally no time to hand wash their clothes, you can always invest in some good quality wash bags. All you got to do is put your unwashed bras into a mesh bag, pop it in with rest of your clothes and it’s guaranteed that your precious bras will last longer and remain damage free.
  7. It is an absolute myth that all nursing bras put function over style. The days of nursing bras being boring, plain and old-fashioned are long gone. There are many brands offering contemporary bras that look as beautiful and chic as non-maternity bras which meet the function of nursing the baby and feeling confident and in style!

Shopping for bras for everyday use or for special occasion requires some close attention. It is hard to find bras that fit right and feel good. If you’re unsure about your bra size, always seek help. Fitting guides and sizing charts come of great help when you’re shopping for bras online. Getting yourself measured professionally at the store is also an alternative solution.

Bras have clearly come a long way since their invention and are still a wardrobe staple for every single woman out there. Brag around and share this information with your friends now that you are well versed in bras!