5 Easy and Cute Ways to Wear Camisole Tops

5 Easy and Cute Ways to Wear Camisole Tops

When talking about camisole tops, most of us refer to them as layering pieces, fitted undergarments that keeps the muffin top in check or garments that are usually worn with pajamas.  But a camisole top is so much more than loungewear or innerwear that you put on when you’re indoors or wear underneath certain outfits. The camisole, or “Cami” as it’s popularly known, is a versatile, adaptable and essential part of any woman’s wardrobe and comes in a myriad of fabrics, colors, shapes and styles. The thin straps & simple and practical design make it a basic piece of clothing with a lot of potential.

Apart from being a great basic layering piece to stave off the cold or layer under a low neckline top, camisoles are brilliant stand-alone pieces that could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Most of us may be a little confused as to how to wear a camisole top as outerwear or just as it is without feeling over exposed or under confident. Read along to find out five easy ways you can master the camisole style trend effortlessly.


Yes, a camisole top can be part of your office-wear outfit quite effortlessly. Apart from providing you with great comfort, they add a bit of sophistication and style to your look without being inappropriate. When it comes to styling a camisole for an office look, it is best to always keep it tucked in. A loosely tucked in camisole top with a pair of figure-hugging pants is one of the best and easiest way to rock this simple piece of garment. At the same time, a pencil skirt or a Ponte skirt would look equally stylish and fabulous with a camisole top. Colors such as black, off-white and most pastel shades look great with a pair of contrasting bottoms. To attain a complete professional look, layer your camisole top with a blazer or bolero jacket as this adds depth to your entire outfit.


This is by far the most classic way to style a camisole top. There are a plethora of options to style a camisole top with jeans, depending on the style, color, material and the occasion. If you’re looking for a sleek, clean and minimal look, you can never go wrong with the classic blue jeans and off-white camisole top combination. In accordance to the style of jeans, you can either tuck in the cami or leave it loose. For example, buy a camisole top in a solid color or in great prints, and pair it with a skinny jean and a jacket. To make a bit of a statement with your outfit, add some accessories around the neck: it can be a chic scarf or a layered neck chain.


Layering a camisole top is not only fashionable, it is super stylish and allows you to get on-board with cami trends without revealing too much skin. If this is your concern, long sleeved, high neck tops are the way to master this style. For example, you can totally amp up your look with a simple black lacey camisole top and a simple, white long-sleeved turtle neck top. Wear the cami top over the white top and pair it with anything from a pair of straight denim pants to skinny jeans. Opt for a silk camisole top or any similar fabric which allows it to easily flow over other materials.


This camisole top style is perfect for dinner parties, date nights, and weekend getaways. They are also perfect for almost every smart causal occasion. Pair them with skinny pants, wide-legged pants, midi-skirts or shorts. While in a more casual setting, cami tops can be worn untucked. Additionally, leather jackets and camisoles make a stylish combo. The sleek style of the leather against the flowy silk or satin camisole top is a smooth and easy look.

To solve a wardrobe crisis

This is the most popular and widely used function of a camisole top; to solve a wardrobe crisis or malfunction. You’ve got a top that’s extremely pretty but a little too short? Wearing a camisole underneath can effortlessly fill that worrying gap. Nervous about flaunting a low-neck blouse? Camisoles with lace trims are here to rescue you. Also, if you’re confused what to wear under a sheer top, and if you’re not confident about wearing just your bra underneath, the extra coverage provided by a camisole top can help.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while buying women’s camisoles. These tips can help you decide what you need in a camisole top and make your shopping easier.

  • Adjustable straps: This is the make or breaks detail for almost everybody. The adjustable straps mean that you can get it any size you want and still have it sit on your chest at the height you most feel comfortable with.
  • Double lining: While buying a camisole top, remember to pick up a piece which is double lined; this ensures you can wear it as a shirt by itself and at work with no worries.
  • Thick material: You don’t want to have a see-through camisole if you are going to wear it as a critical piece of your outfit. So always keep one or two camisole tops on hand which are thick and not see-through.
  • Soft fabric: The fabric has to be comfortable and soft. If it’s going to be sitting that close to your skin, it needs to feel nice. Silk or silk-like polyester is a really good choice.
  • Length: Choose a length that can easily be tucked in, avoiding bunching up. At the same time, a few crop camisole tops can also be a great addition to your camisole collection.

Now that you know how you can work with a camisole top, try them out and see which styles you like best. The camisole is such an essential piece of clothing because it does so many things at once: It keeps you comfortable, it looks fantastic, and it works well when combined with various types of outfits. Play around with the different ensembles you own and find creative ways to pair them with your camisoles. The more often you get to wear camis, the better!