5 biggest bra myths

5 biggest bra myths

When it comes to clothing, nothing sparks more discussion than the humble bra. We all wear bra every day, and there’s a lot of talk about what’s good and what’s bad with it, how to take care, what suits you and more. But, it remains slightly taboo in some circles. This guide will make you aware of the popular bra myths that you need to stop believing from now on.

An underwire bra can cause cancer

It is a common fear, but there is no scientific proof for it. Be it a dark color bra or an underwire bra, there is no way that your bra can trigger breast cancer. So, ladies, feel free to wear it every day. A well-fitted underwire bra can do wonders for your silhouette. All you need is to check that the wire is not poking anywhere and sits well placed under your breasts.

Big breasts can’t help but spill over the cups

Having a bigger breast doesn’t mean you have to deal with boob spillage. It is normal to have a little spill on the side of your bra. But, you should not be spilling excessively over all sides of your cup. So ladies just notice that there are not many spillages as it can be the result of wearing a cup size that’s too small.

Your bra size is the same in every brand

It’s a huge misconception! The bra sizes differ, different brands have different sizes for different bras like, if you are a size 32B in one brand, that doesn’t mean that you will be the same size in another brand. It’s always good to measure yourself and check. For better fit refer to the size chart.

A good bra can last for a lifetime

Wish that was true, but good quality bras with proper care should at best last up to 1 year. As the shelf life of an average bra is about 6 to 9 months and if you have already been wearing it for a year, know that you are pushing the limit. It’s time to change your bra because its supportive features will diminish.

Wear a white bra under a white shirt

This is something almost every girl has stuck with, be it a school, college or office. Teaming the bra right makes an important part of bra do’s and don’ts. You should know that a white bra under a white shirt does you no good. Instead go with shades closer to your skin tones like nudes, pale pinks or light browns. Bra myths busted! Happy Shopping!