5 Best Bra Styles for Daily Use

5 Best Bra Styles for Daily Use

There’s nothing more delightful than a super comfortable, supportive and feel-good bra! Every woman can vouch for the fact that having a good set of plush and snug bras in your innerwear collection is extremely important. With a plethora of options to choose from, it can be quite confusing to figure out which ones can be worn all-day without undergoing much discomfort.

Since the advent of the pandemic, the consequent shift to working from home has left women with no reason to leave their homes (other than for quick errand runs and exercise). With most women choosing to dress as comfortably as possible at home, many of them have also opted to ditch bras – usually a mainstay of their daily outfits. However, experts and various studies have now warned that we shun this item of innerwear at our own peril! Not wearing a bra can eventually cause aches and pains in your back and neck, and may lead to poor blood circulation. In the long run, it can affect your posture too. Wearing a well-fitted bra is essential not only to support your breasts but also to maintain your well-being. Apart from sagging and the long list of aches and pains, not wearing a bra can also cause strain on your throat and facial tissue.

Brands now are launching new lines of bras which are high on the style quotient, with expanded size options and most importantly, high on comfortable and fleece. The different choices available can be overwhelming, but that’s okay! V-Star has compiled a list of the very best bras that you can wear all-day long without any hassles! These tips can be kept in mind while buying bras online. Finally, you’ll make it through the day feeling comfortable, sweat-free, and pretty much ready to fall asleep in a snug and soft bra.


1. Full-coverage T-shirt Bra


Ideally, a perfect T-shirt bra is something women wear most often, as it primarily offers full coverage and focuses on comfort. Who doesn’t love a super smooth and seamless foam cup that offers your breasts a bit of added cleavage, shape and a subtle lift-up effect? Wearing the thinnest of tees won’t seem like a bother anymore with a seamless T-shirt bra providing you with plenty of support without adding any bulk underneath your outfits. V-Star extends to you a wide range of comfortable, versatile and gentle non-wired T-shirt bras for various breast shapes and sizes, from styles like Jade, Adel and many more to choose from! Get your hands on these stellar T-shirt bras online on V-Star.

2. Seamed Demi Cup Bra


If you do not already have this style in your bra collection, invest in one straight away! A seamed demi cup bra is basically an evolved and elite version of the infamous T-shirt bra. If you’re jaded with too many thick and padded bras, then this bra style is the one for you. The fleecy and seamless bras will not only give you ultimate comfort with their intimate fit, but the excellent cut offers you a little extra lift and support. Women who are looking to switch out their padded bras will totally love and appreciate how this seamed demi cup bra gives them a natural-looking yet enhanced shape minus the discomfort and extra weight of padding. Choose from V-Star’s Traditional-Elite Bra collection now!


3. Supportive Sports-Bra


It has become all the more important these days to invest some time to exercise and keep ourselves fit. When you’re being active and breaking a sweat, your bra being unsupportive, unruly and causing you pain would be the last thing you’d want to worry about. The pull-on sports bra offers high moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you dry and cool during physical activities, while giving you comfort. It also considerably reduces breast movement during workouts or any physical task, providing you different levels of comfort and compression depending upon the intensity of your physical actions. Trying to find a supportive, snug and chic sports bra? You can effortlessly buy bras online on V-Star! Check out V-Star’s active bra range which offers soft and effective sports bras made of cotton elastane stretch fabric with a streamlined racer back shape.


4.Complete Cotton Bra


An out-and-out cotton brassiere is synonymous with comfort and ease. Irrespective of the season, it is an absolute staple in the wardrobe for every woman for many reasons. It remains the one good bra which can be worn daily under most outfits. Gone are the days of regular and normal fit cotton bras; now, there are several options to choose from! You can effortlessly find well-fitted and supportive cotton bras for specific breast shapes and sizes. Pick from V-Star’s collection of 100% soft cotton bras with a special cut in the under bust to give you maximum support and utmost comfort. Buy cotton bras online from V-Star’s Traditional-Elite Bra category, which offers all kinds of variants, including wired and non-wired options.

5. Wire-Free Padded Bra

Non-wired and padded? The ultimate combo and the perfect style for those women looking for bras which add volume and shape to the breasts and to the overall figure. With several designs, prints and variants available in the market to choose from, any breast shape can now flaunt a good and comfortable padded bra. The seamless cups provide you with a smooth look under any give outfits, and at the same time, the wire-free feature allows you to move around with ease and utmost comfort. Have you checked out V-Star’s Precious Purple Premium collection yet? If not, do it right away, ladies! The quintessential collection offers a variety of wire-free padded bras in several designs, styles and prints.

Now, you don’t need to compromise on style with daily-wear bras that are so supportive and supremely comfortable that you’ll forget that you’re even wearing them! Cheers to staying indoors enjoying the comfort and support of the ideal everyday bra! Ready for an essential/everyday bra haul? Planning on buying bras online? There’s no better place than V-Star to get what you’re looking for!